I've had an interesting week and been called a racist for attending the National Moment of Silence. People saw that as a singular focus because the call to action was put out for victims of police brutality. But how about a March for Peace? Can you stand with me and support peace? Peace in our schools, peace in the streets, peace in our homes? Join me and support the March4Peace this Saturday here in Atlanta. It's a family friendly event and we'll have snacks for everyone.  My whole family … [Read more...]

Tools of a Super Hero Family

Tools of a SuperHero Family

Our family is going to the Family Forward Orlando Adventure hosted by Mom it Forward. This is THE trip I’ve been waiting for. The whole family (including Daddy!) is going. We’re staying at the Lowes Portofino Bay Hotel and visiting Universal Studios. The theme for the weekend is becoming a Super Hero Family. This is my family written post on the ways to become a Super Hero Family. Creativity & Laughter – If it’s seeing the Willy Wonka movie in a carton of milk your child spilled, … [Read more...]

Four Things Type-A Conference Is…

4 things

Type-A Conference is coming back to Atlanta and I’m so excited. It was my first conference and I loved it so much that I did the Bootcamp and I’m back for a second conference this year! Here are four things that I’ve found Type-A is…. Type-A is easy for parents to attend. They have Kid-Con. Kid-con is just that a real conference for kids as young as 5. (There is also childcare for children from 6 weeks to age 4 for the same rate.)  You can see here what I learned from the last Kid-Con but … [Read more...]

Mother to 2 Black Men – #NMOS14


This is a departure from my normal topics and tone but it's one that's on my heart and I care about as much as anything else I share on here. Maybe even a little more.  Tonight, I will participate in the National Moment of Silence (#NMOS14). I can up with 25 reasons why I shouldn’t off the top of my head but I keep circling back to reasons why I should. I pride myself on being a mother. It’s not my greatest accomplishment but it is one of my favorites. I’m a Mocha Mom, I’m a mommy blogger, … [Read more...]

Beating the Boring School Lunch Blues

Boring School Lunches

We’re only in our second week of school and I have the “I’m bored with making this lunch” blues. My son only wants peanut butter & jelly as the centerpiece. I can vary the sides but he really only wants a PB&J sandwich. He’s very boring. I’m sure this is only my problem but in case it’s not, I’m happy to announce a giveaway that can take away my blues. Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs has totally shown me (and him) how cool a Bento Lunchbox can be. I’ve even ordered the supplies … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Takeaways From #BlogHer14

5 TakeAways From Blogher14 (3)

I came back from BlogHer tired and refreshed at the same time. At the end of Saturday night when we walked at home, my new blogging BFF asked me what the best takeaway was and I told her meeting you. And she totally called me out for being so sappy. It sounds just as silly now when I typed it out but here are my serious five best takeaways. A cross-country flight with two young children was worth 90 minutes of seeing my girls.  I wrote this post earlier and I got to see most of my girls. Plus … [Read more...]

Improving Maternal Health – #MerckforMothers at #BlogHer14

PeP Talk Image

I recently attended a special conversation hosted by the Merck for Mothers program. I went because I’m a mother and spend a lot of time with other mothers (hello, mommy to two young children!) so I wanted learn more about this project. Merck for Mothers is a 10-year, $500 million initiative focused on creating a world where no woman dies giving life. We are committed to using our business and scientific expertise to improve maternal health and are already working in more than 30 countries … [Read more...]