So that one time at the Family Forward Conference….

So that one time at Family Forward...

My family spent a weekend at the Family Forward conference at the Universal Orlando Resort. I can only say that it was amazing from our Minion Suite in the beautiful Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, the hilarious Blue Man Group show and three days at the Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, including special conference only parties at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley and Jurassic Park Visitor Center.  It’s so much to share that I’ve been thinking about the … [Read more...]

Grub Burger Bar Review

Grub Burger Bar Review

The boys and I were invited to lunch at GrubBurgerBar by another blogger (you can check out her full review here). I’ve passed by several times because it’s right in our backyard, so I was thrilled to visit and let you know what we think. We had the opportunity to sample a full variety of items on the menu. However, because we were hosted I wanted to try it again with an average experience before telling you just how much I loved it. On our second visit, it was just as great and I can without a … [Read more...]

$500 Cash Giveaway

Summer is officially over for most people. We've finished our vacations, went back to school and are now settled in for a few weeks rest. I am so ready to get a little rest before we jump into a busy holiday season. Wait, STOP. I have one more summer fun treat. How about a $500 Cash Giveaway? Wouldn't that be the ultimate treat to finish off your summer (and hopefully start on the vacation savings for next year)! Welcome to the $500 Sweet September Cash Giveaway! I have joined forces … [Read more...]

Cancer Sucks…

That Is All.

I know everyone has a cancer story. So here's mine... My maternal grandfather died of cancer when I was a baby and I never knew him. Whenever I think of my anniversary, I feel a little catch because I also remember that our matron of honor's mother died the day after our wedding from cancer.  I've been invited to groups on Facebook to support people diagnosed with cancer. Somehow for most of my adult life, I've been able to escape the direct impact of having a loved one die from cancer. A … [Read more...]

DohVinci at #FamilyForward


I have to tell you about DohVinci and how awesome it is. My family is right in the thick of the Family Forward conference. Our room is amazing, we loved Diagon Alley and came home exhausted! Day two, we started with a DohVinci workshop. DohVinci is a new product from the makers of Play-Doh and uses some of the flexibility of Play-Doh to let you become an artist. It's a version of Play-Doh in a tube but squeezed through an applier. It comes in awesome cools and can be used on glass, wood, … [Read more...]

Elf on the Shelf Creating Birthday Traditions

Birthday Elf on the Shelf

Recently, my family was invited by the Niche Parent Network to learn about the Elf on the Shelf Birthday tradition. One of the creators of the Elf, Chandra Bell, was there to share how the Elf tradition evolved from their family into a business. I took away from our conversation that their company is all about making traditions families can share. I loved hearing her family’s tradition but also how they welcome other families to make it their own tradition. I was so excited because my family … [Read more...]



I've had an interesting week and been called a racist for attending the National Moment of Silence. People saw that as a singular focus because the call to action was put out for victims of police brutality. But how about a March for Peace? Can you stand with me and support peace? Peace in our schools, peace in the streets, peace in our homes? Join me and support the March4Peace this Saturday here in Atlanta. It's a family friendly event and we'll have snacks for everyone.  My whole family … [Read more...]