Virgin Mobile Custom: One Plan Meeting the Needs of The Whole Family!

virgin mobile custom One plan for the whole family

        Earlier this month, I was invited to join a group of women at the Sprint Executive Briefing Center here in Atlanta to learn more about the new Virgin Mobile Custom plan. Going into the presentation, I really thought that I’d learn more about a mobile service that would be perfect for my kids. I’ve known the brand for some time because my stepdaughter’s first phone almost 10 years ago was a Virgin Mobile. We loved having her on a pre-paid plan that … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy 2 Years Later & Preparing Your Family for Disasters

I pledge to protect children.I will (2)

Wednesday October 29 marks the 2 year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. It’s an amazing event for most of us to think about a Hurricane hitting the Tri-State area? Aren’t those just for the SE and maybe NC? The reality is that Sandy affected 24 states, killed 162 people, caused $50 million in damage and damaged or destroyed 650,000 homes and hundreds of child care centers and schools. As I write this, I have to remember in Fall 2003 when I lived in the Washington, DC area and it was shut down … [Read more...]

Animal Jam Giveaway – #AtlantaAnimalJam

Animal Jam Giveaway

  Yesterday, I kicked off Animal Jam Week on the blog with a party for a few friends. We really had a great time introducing our friends to Animal Jam in person. I had to admit that I’ve been playing it myself when my son isn’t around because it is easy fun. There are challenges for me even but they’re not super hard and I like earning the prizes from them. Side Note: My friends IRL looked at me a little silly because I can show the kids how to play most of the game and the features I … [Read more...]

Animal Jam Week!

Animal Jam Week!

I’m so excited to celebrate Animal Jam Week here on the blog! My 6 year old son has loved this game ever since we’ve came back from the Family Forward conference.  Animal Jam is an online community for children who love animals and the outdoors. It’s the result of a partnership between Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic Society. There are several different areas in each world and they provide videos relating to experiences of the animal experts in the game as well as crafts … [Read more...]

Beaches Turks and Caicos in 3 Words – #BeachesMoms

Beaches Turks and Caicos in 3 Words

  In the interest of keeping things short, I can’t really tell you how magnificent my experience at the Beaches  Turks and Caicos Social Media on the Sand Conference vacation was.  The first three words that come to mind about our experience were Number1, Personalized and #SoonComeBack. Normally, I talk about how wonderful a conference is and what I learned. This event was another level of a conference and vacation experience. There were slight hiccups but it was unique because I don’t … [Read more...]

What is #BeachesMoms – Beaches Turks & Caicos

What is Beaches Moms #BeachesMoms

If you've been looking at my Facebook or Instagram, you'll know that I've been using the #BeachesMoms hashtag a lot lately. It's because I'm so excited to be going to the Social Media on the Sand conference at the lovely Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa. Social Media on the Sand is an invitation-only, social media conference held at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa for key social media influencers.  Attendees will sharpen their social media skills during this … [Read more...]