Cantu Beauty – Mommy & Me Prize Pack Giveaway #CantuBeauty

Mommy and Me Cantu Prize Giveaway

While I love being a #momofboys, I'll confess that really wanted a little girl. We didn’t find out the gender with my oldest before the birth. I was so sure that I was having a girl that I even started buying pink things and beautiful dresses in the month before we was born. (Needless to say, I had to take a lot of things back.) I will admit I had a slight freak-out because I was worried about doing this potential daughter’s hair! I was transitioning to natural myself at this time and was more … [Read more...]

Seven Earth Day Snacks

Seven Earth Day Snacks From Headband For Today

This week both my boys have been talking about reduce, reuse and recycle in honor of Earth Day. It’s pretty cute to hear a 3 year old talk about taking care of the Earth so he can “give it to my grandpa.” I’m guessing he might have gotten that turned around and the teacher said something about giving it his grandchildren. Whatever the case, I’m glad they’re getting started on the path to thinking about being responsible citizens early. I’m sure preschool classes are much more excited about … [Read more...]

Why Spelman College was the Birthplace of #BlackGirlMagic 135 Years Ago

Spelman #BlackGirlMagic for 135 years

135 years ago, Spelman College was founded by two white missionaries with a dream to educate African American women in Atlanta. These women just a generation removed from slavery in 1881 and they held their classes in the basement of Friendship Baptist Church beginning with $100 and 11 students. Reflecting on the challenges our nation has faced over the past 135 years, I couldn’t help but think about how these women built a legacy that now has a global reach. These women were birthing … [Read more...]

My Son is Just as Much as a Treasure as Your Daughter

My Son is Just As Much A Treasure As Your Daughter Blog

Every Prom season, I love seeing all the pretty pictures of the girls in their dresses and guys dressed up so handsomely in their tuxes. I know one day my sons will be those dapperly dressed boys. But there’s one picture I’ve seen making the rounds that I just can’t like. I think the girl is very pretty but the dad? That’s a whole different story. I get that this is a joke and the girl is laughing. I also understand that’s it a play on an old pop culture joke but given the current era … [Read more...]

Atlanta Baby and Child Expo – #AtlantaBabyExpo #Giveaway

2016 abc front 4x6 final

When you’re pregnant or a new mom for the first time (or first time in a few years!), there’s so much to learn. All about the rules for car seats, what bottle is best, how do you swaddle, what type of crib mattress to buy – These are all some of the questions that I remember thinking about. I’m going to help you put your mind at ease and tell you just go to the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo. The #AtlantaBabyExpo offers tons of parenting and pregnancy products all in one place. This year’s … [Read more...]

#LetsCelebrate The White House Easter Egg Roll

Tips for Attending the White House Easter Egg Roll and Giveaway - Headband For Today

One of the things I love is that the Obamas have made me feel more like this White House belongs to me. It may be they also had young children or because my son was born the year President Obama was elected or that I've been here three times during this administration. Whatever the case, the Obamas are out the door but they’re hosting my absolute favorite of the year for the last time, The White House Easter Egg Roll. Sadly, my family isn’t going this year but here are the tips I have from … [Read more...]

Diabetes Alert Day – Learn Your Risk #prediabetes #diabetesalertday

Prediabetes Alert Day - Headband For Today

While I’ve shared with you my motivation to get fit this year, I have to admit it’s not all just vanity. I’m one of the more than 86 million American adults that have prediabetes and are at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes. March 22nd is Diabetes Alert Day and I’m using this as a reminder for both myself to do a few things and encouraging you to do so as well. I’m one of the people who actually knows but nearly 90% of those with prediabetes don’t even know they have it. One reason … [Read more...]