Christmas is Coming with Stone Mountain Christmas

Stone Mountain Christmas

My family was invited to experience Stone Mountain Christmas. Complimentary admission was provided but all thoughts, opinions and experiences are my own. The cold snap we’ve experienced in Atlanta this week is just the latest reminder that Christmas is coming! I’m sure that we didn’t really any reminders with all the decorations in the stores, toy catalogs in the mail and all the commercial indicators that have been around lately. While I’m not in a rush for the commercial part of … [Read more...]

Leaping Into Learning With The #LeapTv Gaming System

LeapTV Game System Review

          Have you heard about the new #LeapTV system? The avid TV watcher who is my 6 year old certainly has and was oh so eager to try it out. I intentionally did not tell him that we had been selected to host a Leap Into Gaming party until the day before. I shared that we’d have friends over for pizza and to try out a new game. Setting up the game was really easy. I did it during the day while my son was in school. I loved that it was … [Read more...]

The Best Thing at Beaches Resorts – A Family Perspective #BeachesMoms

#BeachesMoms Best Things at Beaches Turks and Caicos

My trip to Beaches Moms was definitely an inter-generational travel experience. My mid-sixties mother traveled along with myself and my sons who are two and six years old. I know what my favorites about the trip were but I posed the question to everyone, “What did you like best about Beaches?” My  mother said that she liked the service.  In the restaurants and just walking around, she felt the staff were genuinely helpful (a big deal since she had my two year old most of the time alone) and … [Read more...]

God as the Ultimate Sponsor

God as the Ultimate Sponsor

Like most of my blog posts I’ve been working on this one in my mind for a few weeks. It came to me as I was getting the boys ready for the day our first day in Turks and Caicos for Beaches Moms.  I have to tell you about my relationship with God. Yes, God. It came to me that while I’ve known God for a long time, I haven’t shared how much I appreciate the role God plays in my family’s life. Sounds like a funny beginning right ? but it’s how I tend to begin my conversations and thoughts about … [Read more...]

Mommy Guilt Kicking In: Rare Travel for Work

Mommy Guilt Kicking In-

Next week, I'm traveling for work and it's going to be such crazy, interesting kind of trip. When I return, I will have traveled 17,000 miles in 12 days. As I'm preparing for it, I realized that this is the longest I'll have ever been away from my husband in the 10 years we've been married, let alone my boys. The longest I've been away from them is 3 nights I think and that was when I only had 1. When this first came up, I was so excited about the trip. Time alone to actually read and catch … [Read more...]

Virgin Mobile Custom: One Plan Meeting the Needs of The Whole Family!

virgin mobile custom One plan for the whole family

        Earlier this month, I was invited to join a group of women at the Sprint Executive Briefing Center here in Atlanta to learn more about the new Virgin Mobile Custom plan. Going into the presentation, I really thought that I’d learn more about a mobile service that would be perfect for my kids. I’ve known the brand for some time because my stepdaughter’s first phone almost 10 years ago was a Virgin Mobile. We loved having her on a pre-paid plan that … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy 2 Years Later & Preparing Your Family for Disasters

I pledge to protect children.I will (2)

Wednesday October 29 marks the 2 year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. It’s an amazing event for most of us to think about a Hurricane hitting the Tri-State area? Aren’t those just for the SE and maybe NC? The reality is that Sandy affected 24 states, killed 162 people, caused $50 million in damage and damaged or destroyed 650,000 homes and hundreds of child care centers and schools. As I write this, I have to remember in Fall 2003 when I lived in the Washington, DC area and it was shut down … [Read more...]