Back to School: FREE First Day of School Picture Printables for Boys

First Day of School Printables for Boys Preschool to 6th Grade

  I can't believe that school is already upon us. It just seems like yesterday that we were out for the summer and here we are getting ready for the first day! Along with all the packing up school supplies, thinking about lunches and getting up early, you have to think about first day of school pictures. My friend Krystyn over at Really, Are You Serious? has these great printables for first day of school pictures but I have to admit that they're a little sparkly. Hey she's the mom … [Read more...]

Tide Pods for Travel: Innovation in Action #LaundryRedefined

Tide Pods for Travel

  I have been on the road for just a few extended trips this summer and one thing you might be surprised to know I pack along are Tide Pods. It’s not on the typical packing list but they’re an innovation that I love. I bring Tide Pods along because they’re portable, effective, and make my life easier. If I’m gone more than a few days, I just can bring them along and not worry about having to bring along twice the clothes (saving me money and valuable room in my luggage!). Tide … [Read more...]

Getting #110ready for #BTS with Staples

Back to School with Staples

I know it seems early for Back to School but for me, it's in just a few weeks! It's a good thing Staples is helping me get #110ready.  I recently was invited to the launch of the Staples Designed by Students Back to School collection. Designed by Students is an initiative by Staples where students from MS88 in Brooklyn, NY and Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA participated in a curriculum designed to foster creative thinking when the students were actually able to design innovative … [Read more...]

#BlogHer15 – I’m Speaking & New Goals


    I’m going to #BlogHer15 and the biggest thing is I’m doing a workshop this year! This will be my second BlogHer and I’m pretty excited because I’ll be able to catch up with so many friends this year. I was looking back over the year and thinking about what’s changed since my last BlogHer. I’ve expanded my circle of friends even more. I’m looking forward to seeing even more people this year and connecting with my real friends. I want to hear about birthday trips with new … [Read more...]

MY VOTE: Washington, DC for Best Family Travel Location – #HB4TFamTravel

Four Reasons Why I Vote Washington, DC

My family has been spending a lot of time in Washington, DC lately and it's one of my favorite places for family travel. Most people visit because of the historical and political significance. Those are some of the reasons I like it too but in my experience, there are so many other reasons for visiting. Personally, I feel like it’s affordable, educational and full of adventure. Here are some of my favorite things to do/see keeping those things in mind. 1)      Washington, DC is home to the … [Read more...]

Yes New Friends – How to Bridge the Racial Gap


In the aftermath of racial events, there are these wonderful blog posts that are written about how people want to share and open their worlds etc, etc. “Yes New Friends!” I am never against people opening their worlds to see more and understand better. I strongly support lifelong learning and it’s a key part of why I blog. I want you to see the world through my eyes. Here's my thing, I want genuine friends, not just people who want to hear me when something has happened. I want people who … [Read more...]

Summer Living Bucket List: Mid-Summer Check In

Summer Bucket List Mid-Summer Check In

It’s officially only the 3rd day of summer on the calendar but we're at the mid-summer point. We have only 5 weeks before school’s back in session and I realized that we have a lot more summer living to do in a few short weeks. We’ve traveled a good amount this summer already so now we’re home and working on our summer bucket list. Here are the 5 biggest things left for us to do but we haven’t gotten around to just yet. Go for a bike ride. We’ve been gone so much that just hanging around the … [Read more...]