I’m Not Outraged over Bad Swag at BlogHer: Am I a Bad Parent?

This was the "clinical introduction" of their speaker at BlogHer. It totally fit and many of the moms in the room were laughing. I didn't even hear anyone mention outrage when I was there.

I actually was an attendee at this year’s BlogHer and when I opened the “prescription for laughter” envelope that’s making everyone so crazy by Bright Starts, I tossed them to the side. I looked at them, got the connection to their Baby Laugh Index marketing campaign and thought to myself, “Red Hots? Not really for me.” I haven’t finished unpacking so I might have thrown them out but I didn’t think much of it. I will say that I loved their toys and learning about the Baby Laugh … [Read more...]

BlogHer14 – In Progress


This is day three of BlogHer and I'm tired. How do I sum it up? I learned some amazing things. I can't wait to share the information I learned. It's not all about cool gadgets and fun things but real issues like maternal health and how the US is less safe than many other countries for women to give birth...that doesn't even include the disparities for African American women. I learned about treatments for Fibroids another issue that impacts me personally. I met some new women and heard … [Read more...]

A Baby is God’s Greatest Miracle – The Importance of #NewbornScreening

While I’m excited about tons of events this weekend at #BlogHer14, one that I’m most excited about is the BlogHer and The Baby Ladies BlogHer Baby Shower featuring Save Babies Through Screening and Baby’s First Test. Before my friend IRL get asking, NO this is not an announcement!. The Baby Ladies Baby Shower has partnered with two amazing organizations, Save Babies Through Screening and Baby’s First Test to help spread the word about newborn screening. Those first days in the hospital as you … [Read more...]

Alabama Road Trip Giveaway

Alabama Road Trip Giveaway

The Alabama Tourism Department announces a six-week Road Trip Giveaway with chances to win travel packages to Gulf Shores, Mobile, Huntsville, the Shoals, Birmingham and Montgomery.  The winner of the grand prize will get to plan their own customized Alabama Road Trip. “This road trip promotion is designed to highlight the variety of travel experiences available in Alabama,” said state tourism director Lee Sentell. “There is something for everyone, from a gulf coast beach vacation, to playing … [Read more...]

Going Home and Creating Memories


I shared that I was going to #Blogher14 but I didn't share that I was here for two weeks because my father lives here. I was born here but rarely come to the West Coast anymore. For all of the travel we do, we usually are vacationing and it's easier for my parents to come to me so I never go home. But I'm home now. I realize that I had been running from these visits because of the memories they held. I hung out with a girlfriend I'd known for more than 30 years. That's history. It was so … [Read more...]

Five Party Themes Sure to Please Any Little Girl

Five Birthday Parties for Girls

While I spent last week recapping all the birthdays for #Juneabration in my house, I realized that I really could go for a little more sugar and spice in my birthday party planning. Luckily, my friends are all about the sugar and spices. Here’s a round-up of parties that made my heart melt. Krysten, mommy to the lovely B who I was holding on The Today Show, hosted this Breakfast and Pajamas First Birthday Party. It’s not totally girly but just a neat party theme. I’ve wanted to do … [Read more...]

Summer & Smiles #WOCCSummer Ticket Giveaway


My son was privileged enough to have a special treat on his last day of school. I surprised him with a visit to the World of Coca-Cola (WOCC). We live in Atlanta and we do visit there fairly often but this was a special visit because it officially kicked off the beginning of summer! Can you think of a better way to celebrate summer with a Coke and a smile? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  But seriously, Coca-Cola has been part of so many of my family’s summer memories over the years that going … [Read more...]