How to Attend the White House Easter Egg Roll


It might seem strange but Easter is my favorite holiday because for me it also celebrates the official beginning of Spring. I love the Easter Egg Rolls and hunts that happen. One of my favorite hunts has to have been our visit to the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2011. At the time we only had one child and he had an awesome day! People have asked me several times how to attend, so here the recap of what it is and how to go. The White House Easter Egg Roll is the official name of the White … [Read more...]

How to Practice Self-Compassion – #1000Speak


Today I’m honored to join bloggers all over the world in raising their voices for compassion today. I jumped right into it because I think the world needs a little more compassion or as I like to think of it grace for each other. Being totally honest, I am not always the most compassionate person. I think I am but I don’t extend it equally and I sometimes forget this compassion when it comes to those who I perceived who have wronged me in some way. I know that usually something that happens … [Read more...]

Lessons in Life: The Matheny Manifesto


I’m not a huge baseball fan but I am a fan of my two boys. I know that over the next upteen years I’ll be a sports mom for several seasons. When I was offered the chance to read, The Matheny Manifesto, I was really interested because I’m always forward to learning more and I figured that it would share more about sports. I realized that like the full title says this book is really about more than sports. That’s exactly why I enjoyed it so much. It really aligns with my perspective on children's … [Read more...]

Love is Everyday


  I can’t believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day already. Somehow it’s just kind of snuck up on me so I’m glad that Love is Everyday in our family. It sounds kind of cheesy but I’ll stand firm on it. February is a little extra full of love in our house this year for a few years. Truly, I know Love is Everyday, just like being superhero family is based in being a family everyday. I realized that our 10 year 6 month anniversary was last Saturday. The 6 months aren’t usually what you … [Read more...]

Suggestions for Facebook Group Etiquette


  I do not claim to be Emily Post but there's really no Terms of Service agreement that includes Facebook etiquette suggestions. It seems to be the worst with groups. If you’re a Facebook user, odds are pretty good that you’re in at least one Facebook group. They’re great for resources, information and even making friends. But there always have to be a few people who have too much of a great thing and seem to forget it is not their own personal space. Just in case you forget, here is a … [Read more...]

One Hundred Plus Projects for the 100th Day of School

100th Day of School Projects |

We’re 100 days smarter! One of joys of having an elementary student for me is the projects. I actually really like them because they give us the opportunity to craft together. As a kindergartner, he created a 100 eyed monster. Unfortunately, we can’t find the picture of it but it was very similar to this one. This year, everyone in first grade was giving the task of a hat. We thought over a variety of different things but decided on a Superhero-Themed Lighting Bolt Hat. It was super … [Read more...]

#SpongeBobMovie Atlanta Screening

Nick Hotel

  Ever since our trip to the Nick Hotel, my boys feel as if the Nickelodeon family of characters are part of their family! It was one of our first trips of the year and among the most memorable. Of course, after seeing the commercials for the new SpongeBob Movie, my 6 year old ran in and asked me "Will you take me to the the Spongebob Movie on February 6? It's in 3-D." (That's a direct quote from this morning.) He isn't the only one in our family looking forward to it. I'm … [Read more...]