One Hundred Plus Projects for the 100th Day of School

100th Day of School Projects |

We’re 100 days smarter! One of joys of having an elementary student for me is the projects. I actually really like them because they give us the opportunity to craft together. As a kindergartner, he created a 100 eyed monster. Unfortunately, we can’t find the picture of it but it was very similar to this one. This year, everyone in first grade was giving the task of a hat. We thought over a variety of different things but decided on a Superhero-Themed Lighting Bolt Hat. It was super … [Read more...]

#SpongeBobMovie Atlanta Screening

Nick Hotel

  Ever since our trip to the Nick Hotel, my boys feel as if the Nickelodeon family of characters are part of their family! It was one of our first trips of the year and among the most memorable. Of course, after seeing the commercials for the new SpongeBob Movie, my 6 year old ran in and asked me "Will you take me to the the Spongebob Movie on February 6? It's in 3-D." (That's a direct quote from this morning.) He isn't the only one in our family looking forward to it. I'm … [Read more...]

Black or White Movie Giveaway – #LoveHasNoColor


How families relate is one of the special areas of life. Each family member has their own relationships and reputations that are built or broken based upon time and actions. Each action has another set of actions that follow and have a long-term impact on how we relate our families. The movie, BLACK OR WHITE, is a perfect look at this long-term impact first-hand. The story synopsis is pretty simple but it’s the extended trailer that really features the allstar cast including Kevin Costner, … [Read more...]

The Emotional Impact of a New Playroom


I’ve been rather busy lately with trying to make our house more functional for our needs. (The irony is that we’ve only been in the house for 8 years to get this done.) In an effort to corral all the toys that we have collected over the years, I’m creating a playroom upstairs in our house for my boys. We moved them into a single bedroom with bunk beds and are in the process of turning the other room into a play room. We really don't use our family room on a daily basis and their toys end up in … [Read more...]

Field To Table Farm Exploration – #MeetVeggies


For a city girl like me, standing in fields of fresh tomatoes and being able to pick vegetables off the vine for a truly field to table lesson was a bucket list experience I didn’t know I wanted to have. It was the perfect ending to a full year of learning when I was invited to visit to the Vegetable Field Day in December. I started this process during BlogHer14 when I attended a luncheon with Monsanto and left with more than a few questions. I was happy to share this day with a group of … [Read more...]

Living #Kwanzaa


Today is the final day of Kwanzaa. This is the first year that I've broadly shared it and I feel like I need to clarify a few things. First off, it's not a new or trendy thing for me and my family. My Kwanzaa celebrations go way back. Personally, my family has not had the most boring year. My family has grown with a new baby. My husband and I both lost people close to us this year but we also are continuing to celebrate the wonderful times we spent with our family and friends. The circle of … [Read more...]

My Brutally Honest Holiday Letter – #Travel Edition

My Brutally Honest Holiday Letter

Dear Friends and Family: We had an amazing year and traveled all over the world. As a family, we traveled more than 10,000 miles (well Daddy took only about 4,000 with us, he had to work the rest of the time). The boys even got their first passports. The pictures in all our passports are horrible but that’s what I get for getting pictures done last minute at a Costco. The 6 year old’s is particularly charming and he’ll be keeping it until he’s 11. One of the highlights of our spring was a … [Read more...]