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Annie The Movie Blog Review


Go see the Annie movie this weekend or at least some point over this Christmas holiday. It’s truly a gift for the whole family with a smart story, a soundtrack that will be all over school programs this year and acting that is worthy of winning awards. My family was invited to a pre-screening and we loved it.

Annie is a rare movie because it entertained my whole family (mom, dad, 2 & 6 year old boys) without resorting to cheap jokes to entertain the adults or silly puns or physical humor for the children. It’s cute enough that it would even be a great date movie or girlfriend’s night out movie. You need to go into the movie understanding that this is a 2014 version. It’s not a true remake of the original but an update to the original with only a few changes that make sense for the development of the new story.

One of the things that stood out to me is that Annie is a smart movie. You don’t have to suspend your intelligence to watch it. An example is even Stacks meeting Annie. In real life, how would a little foster child (she’s not an orphan!) meet a billionaire just walking down the street and have it captured on video? Shouldn’t he have tons of security and why would he walk anywhere?  The movie does a good job of providing a transition that makes sense; not sure it’s the most accurate but it’s reasonable.

I loved the soundtrack. The classic songs are there but this is a remake and all of the songs are not the same. They very much fit 2014 New York City in a worthy way. The “Hard Knock Life” has a little more bass and percussion that the original. Here’s the revision of “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” It’s very different however I think it’s going to be perfect for the tween set of today who are serious about their music. I can totally see this being on Radio Disney or being sung in a school talent show.

Quvenzhane Wallis is so deserving of any award winning buzz. Quvenzhane and Jamie Foxx danced through the park together like they loved each other with a father/daughter bond. It was tenuous at first but the love shined through. Cameron Diaz was a despicable Ms. Hannigan. She wasn’t Carol Burnett but she was pretty annoying. The chemistry between all of the actors was amazing.

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I’ve heard that critics have given it poor scores and I can’t see why. Critics must sit in golden theaters and critique things beyond the story, acting and the whole movie but I don’t get it.  It makes no sense for the average family not to like it. Annie is a great movie. Again, it’s an updated revision, not a true remake. I would highly recommend that people go see it for yourselves. I promise it will not be the worst movie you see this year, even if you don’t love it like I did.


  1. says

    My family also previewed the movie and loved it. My spouse, who likes nothing, even wants to see it again! I also met Jamie and Miss Wallis at an event and got a picture with them, that made it even more awesome!

  2. Anonymous says

    I won’t be seeing it because I can’t bring myself to see a remake of a movie that was so near and dear to me. I just loved the original way too much.

  3. Ann Bacciaglia says

    i grew up watching the original Annie. I am so excited to see this version. These are some really great actors.

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