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Beaches Turks and Caicos in 3 Words


In the interest of keeping things short, I can’t really tell you how magnificent my experience at the Beaches  Turks and Caicos Social Media on the Sand Conference vacation was.  The first three words that come to mind about our experience were Number1, Personalized and #SoonComeBack. Normally, I talk about how wonderful a conference is and what I learned. This event was another level of a conference and vacation experience. There were slight hiccups but it was unique because I don’t think a single attendee will be able to honestly say they had a bad time.

Beaches is number 1 because they want to be number 1.


At the heart of the Beaches story is being the best. We were able to hear directly from the CEO Adam Stewart about their philosophy on how they push innovation in their practices. They were the first resort to have swim-up pool bars, they are the only resort in the Caribbean to offer scuba classes for kids as young as 8 and they really are all-inclusive (no tipping or upcharges for anything, even watersports, premium drinks or restaurants). Adam is the son of the Founder and Chairman Gordan Butch Stewart so to say he’s grown up with the Beaches brand and has a vested brand in making sure they’re the best would be an understatement. He is always trying to improve upon his father’s legacy.

Beaches is personalized for you!

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Beaches does an excellent job of creating a vacation just perfect for you and your family. If you want to spend time with your children, there are several places/ways to do it. There’s the Choo-Choo train for younger children and XBOX lounge for older ones. If they don’t want to hang out with you (like my son), you can always let them visit the Kids Club or Camp Sesame. There are so many activities that you can do like sailing, snorkeling or scuba diving (all included!) but if you don’t want to do anything, that’s perfectly fine too. The view from the beaches were truly breathtaking and the water was clear enough to even see starfish on the bottom. And night time has plenty to do with beach parties as well as 19 different restaurants for you to try.



#SoonComeBack is one of the trademark phrases of Beaches and I’m looking forward to it! Beaches is only one part of the Sandals Resort International family. They also offer couples only vacations at the all-inclusive Sandals resorts, a slightly more affordable family all-inclusive at the Grand Pineapple and complete villas for rent via Your Jamaican Villas. I would love to try each of these different concepts at some point in the future because I know that I’ll receive the same level of quality service when traveling with my husband, with family or a group of 10 friends in a villa.

These are my first thoughts to share with you about Beaches before I have a chance to edit all my pictures (I have a lot of them) and really share the magic that is Beaches. In the coming days, I look forward to sharing more with you about the Sandals Foundation and Pack with a Purpose as well as the things we loved (the room was one of them!), all about the food (including how allergy friendly they are!) and my experience in traveling with two young children and my mother (oh, that’s plenty of good stories!).



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    Love that they’re so personalized. I hope to visit a Sandals property w/ John sooner than later! Maybe for our 5 yr anniversary next october.
    Good message about bein #1 cuz they WANT to be.

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