My Brutally Honest Holiday Letter – #Travel Edition

My Brutally Honest Holiday Letter

Dear Friends and Family:

We had an amazing year and traveled all over the world. As a family, we traveled more than 10,000 miles (well Daddy took only about 4,000 with us, he had to work the rest of the time). The boys even got their first passports. The pictures in all our passports are horrible but that’s what I get for getting pictures done last minute at a Costco. The 6 year old’s is particularly charming and he’ll be keeping it until he’s 11.

One of the highlights of our spring was a visit to Walt Disney World and the Nick Hotel in Florida. It was a fun road trip except for the part where our 6 am departure was turned into a 12 pm departure because we needed to have our headlights changed. The right light that had been out for 8 months and the left went out the night before. $391.00 later we were on our way! Walt Disney World was magical as usual and we loved being slimed at the Nick Hotel.

So we were ready to go to #typeawdw and then we ended up at pepboys.

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Our big family end of the summer trip was to the Family Forward conference at Universal Studios Orlando Resort. We are movie people so our favorite was seeing the Transformers in person. Harry Potter and the World of Wizarding was a close second. It was an amazing time other than the ant infestation we had in our room all weekend (did you know I was afraid of ants) and me getting so sick I literally couldn’t get out of bed on Sunday until about 6 pm. 

Yep, we did it. #FamilyForward Three times to come back for the right time but so worth it.

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Our biggest trip of the year was going to Beaches Turks and Caicos. It was an amazing trip and the boys loved it. Seriously, the 2 year old will randomly say “I want to go to Turks and Caicos” just out the blue even now. The only flaws were that I let the boys pack us up and somehow that meant underwear and a swimsuit was missing. Luckily, our suite had a washer and dryer.

I took a #selfie with Grover! 7, @beachesresorts #HPBeachesMom #BeachesMoms #BeachesGoSeek #familytravel #HbNTC

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My next to final trip of the year was actually the biggest. By numbers, I flew 17,000 miles and was just 6 degrees above the equator. It was quite the adventure and I loved seeing all the different parts of the world. What I didn’t mention was the time differences made talking with my family horrible and even working hard because of the sleep differences. I was homesick and cried as I sat in the dark hotel room (with no windows) at 3:00 am local time with the cockroaches crawling over me because most of the time was spent in a developing nation.

Our final family trip of the year was to Florida for a funeral and we decided to stay for the Thanksgiving holiday. I will not talk about this trip other than to say we will never go there for a holiday again and we missed a traditional Thanksgiving.

Oh and I didn’t include that I came back from two of those trips with vertigo (and went to/from the FL trip with it). It’s the condition when you feel like you’re rocking but you’re really not. It causes a constant headache and nausea for me. BUT that was our traveling year and we wouldn’t change it for a thing. One more thing, our travel costs this year (even with the points I used for tickets and reduced rates for conferences) were probably more a year or two of state college tuition. Therefore, we will not be traveling as much in 2015 (or so Mr. Hat to my Headband says). But I hope our travel brings us to see you next year!



Please note this is my version of the Brutally Honest Holiday Letter found here on I was encourged to create my own by my friend, The Curvy CEO and her’s is just as cute.  We really did have a great time on all our trips and I wouldn’t do a thing different except take along Daddy for it all but just so you know it wasn’t all peaches and cream. We did hit a few bumps along the road. 

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