Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dad Who Loves Tech (And 40+ Other Great Gifts!)

Father's Day Gift Guide Gifts for Dads Who Love Tech - Headband For Today

My husband is kind of the ultimate tech geek and this List for the Dad Who Loves Tech is dedicated to him.  He works in IT but also has a natural inquisitiveness for all things tech and how they work. This actually comes out all over our house with mixed results. My boys have way too many gadgets. Keeping this in mind, I created this list of the ultimate tech gadgets for Father’s Day. He actually gave me some direction over the last few months with the things we’ve been discussing. Without … [Read more...]

Seven Earth Day Snacks

Seven Earth Day Snacks From Headband For Today

This week both my boys have been talking about reduce, reuse and recycle in honor of Earth Day. It’s pretty cute to hear a 3 year old talk about taking care of the Earth so he can “give it to my grandpa.” I’m guessing he might have gotten that turned around and the teacher said something about giving it his grandchildren. Whatever the case, I’m glad they’re getting started on the path to thinking about being responsible citizens early. I’m sure preschool classes are much more excited about … [Read more...]

#LetsCelebrate The White House Easter Egg Roll

Tips for Attending the White House Easter Egg Roll and Giveaway - Headband For Today

One of the things I love is that the Obamas have made me feel more like this White House belongs to me. It may be they also had young children or because my son was born the year President Obama was elected or that I've been here three times during this administration. Whatever the case, the Obamas are out the door but they’re hosting my absolute favorite of the year for the last time, The White House Easter Egg Roll. Sadly, my family isn’t going this year but here are the tips I have from … [Read more...]