Say Something #24/7/365

Say Something

This may not be the most unified piece of writing but it's one of the most honest and transparent on my blog.    I appreciate your mourning with me and finally seeing my pain but I’m really going to ask that you change your actions every day. While the police are killing Black men, what’s killing Black women all the time is the little micro aggressions that we’re getting from you, our mom peers. Please listen to me and get this: Black women have lower health outcomes when it comes to every … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dad Who Loves Tech (And 40+ Other Great Gifts!)

Father's Day Gift Guide Gifts for Dads Who Love Tech - Headband For Today

My husband is kind of the ultimate tech geek and this List for the Dad Who Loves Tech is dedicated to him.  He works in IT but also has a natural inquisitiveness for all things tech and how they work. This actually comes out all over our house with mixed results. My boys have way too many gadgets. Keeping this in mind, I created this list of the ultimate tech gadgets for Father’s Day. He actually gave me some direction over the last few months with the things we’ve been discussing. Without … [Read more...]

Ocean Summer Camp at Home

25 Different Activities to complete during an Ocean Themed Summer Camp at Home. Crafts, Books, Movies, Aquariums to Visit, Snacks and more - Headband For

Welcome to Summer Camp at Home! School’s out or it will be soon, so what are your plans for the summer? If you’re like most people there are some camps, family travel and a few other things but some weeks, there is nothing currently planned. That’s why we’re here on the blog to give you some tips. Over the next seven weeks, I’ve partnered with a few other inventive bloggers to share our plans for Summer Camp at Home. My theme is all about the Oceans. If you know my family then this is … [Read more...]

Cantu Beauty – Mommy & Me Prize Pack Giveaway #CantuBeauty

Mommy and Me Cantu Prize Giveaway

While I love being a #momofboys, I'll confess that really wanted a little girl. We didn’t find out the gender with my oldest before the birth. I was so sure that I was having a girl that I even started buying pink things and beautiful dresses in the month before we was born. (Needless to say, I had to take a lot of things back.) I will admit I had a slight freak-out because I was worried about doing this potential daughter’s hair! I was transitioning to natural myself at this time and was more … [Read more...]

My Son is Just as Much as a Treasure as Your Daughter

My Son is Just As Much A Treasure As Your Daughter Blog

Every Prom season, I love seeing all the pretty pictures of the girls in their dresses and guys dressed up so handsomely in their tuxes. I know one day my sons will be those dapperly dressed boys. But there’s one picture I’ve seen making the rounds that I just can’t like. I think the girl is very pretty but the dad? That’s a whole different story. I get that this is a joke and the girl is laughing. I also understand that’s it a play on an old pop culture joke but given the current era … [Read more...]

Atlanta Baby and Child Expo – #AtlantaBabyExpo #Giveaway

2016 abc front 4x6 final

When you’re pregnant or a new mom for the first time (or first time in a few years!), there’s so much to learn. All about the rules for car seats, what bottle is best, how do you swaddle, what type of crib mattress to buy – These are all some of the questions that I remember thinking about. I’m going to help you put your mind at ease and tell you just go to the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo. The #AtlantaBabyExpo offers tons of parenting and pregnancy products all in one place. This year’s … [Read more...]

20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge – #Read20

March #FamilyChallenge 20 for 20 Reading Challenge Headband For Today

It’s already mid-March and I’m behind in sharing my #FamilyChallenge for March. Our friends over at Scholastic sent a box of books over so we could participate in the 20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge. Our love for Scholastic (and their book fairs especially) is not new but I was so glad to accept the Family Reading Challenge because it has made us much more deliberate in reading as a family. You can read more on the Scholastic website but the 20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge is so simple. … [Read more...]

Four Steps to Go From Soccer Team Mom to Coach Mom

Four Steps to Going from Team Mom to Coach Mom

This spring, I’m trading in my #TeamMom headband for #CoachMom headband. Yep, I’m coaching the soccer team for the little one and I realized that I have given over all my Saturday mornings for the next 8 weeks. I’m a little overwhelmed by this development but when I signed up on a whim (I was asked when I signed them up), I figured “How hard can it be? They’re preschoolers. ” I realized that this is going to be a big difference so here are four ways I’m going to set us up for success. First, … [Read more...]

Bears for Humanity – Friends for All

Bears for Humanity 4

One of the things that makes my heart smile the most is seeing my boys happy and feeling secure. The Bears for Humanity lying here in this picture is part of how they feel secure. As a human, it makes me smile to know we’re paying it forward by giving a friend into another family with a purchase from Bears for Humanity. Bears For Humanity is a social good enterprise, manufacturing Teddy Bears and Animal Friends with an organic faux fur. They’re made of 100% certified organic materials, … [Read more...]

Netflix and NO Chill – Family Style #Giveaway

Netflix and Chill

While Netflix and Chill has taken on a whole different meaning than what it used to (google it for the non-family version :) ), my family took a little time out during our snow days last weekend to do just that. We literally watched a lot of Netflix and chilled out. We started our day with a walk around to really see all the “snow” that had fell overnight. Coming from Minnesota, this snow was a true joke. It was just the lightest dusting but it did make the roads more than a little dangerous … [Read more...]