Five Tips from My Friends on How to Have Spectacular 2017

A little help from my friends: Five tips to help you have a spectacular New Year. Covering getting fit, fashion trends, managing your life, organizing and how not to lose your sparkle.

For a lot of people, 2016 was a rough year. One of the biggest things that saved me from much more stress was a little help from my friends. It wasn’t the most difficult for me however I did go through some personal and professional transitions. There were a few times when I really needed all the help I could get with my family, my home, my work and even myself. A Little Help From My Friends That’s where a little help from my friends came into play. I always say I don’t have #squadgoals … [Read more...]

My One Word for 2017: Believe

One word for 2017: Believe

In 2017, I will BELIEVE. If you’re not familiar with the concept of one word, it’s a twist on the New Year’s Resolutions by focusing on one word that you’ll embrace for the coming year. It’s your intention and will guide everything that you do. This year, I’m choosing the word BELIEVE. I’m sharing this with you because I want to make sure that I’m keeping myself accountable and being intentional with my words and the directions I’m moving into. It was a little hard to narrow it down. I … [Read more...]

15 Atlanta Gift Experience and a Free Printable Gift Experience Certificate!


If you’re in search of the elusive gift for someone who has it all, why not consider an Atlanta gift experience instead? These are great last minute gifts as well. Just print off the certificate I have at the bottom, fill in your details and you can slip it into an envelope or put it in a box to present it in a grand fashion. They’ll never have to know that you didn’t pick it up months ago! Here are 15 of my favorites for you to choose from and let me know how they work out. Atlanta Season Pass … [Read more...]

Say & Pray Devotionals : Helping Young Children Learn God’s Love


When my oldest son was about 4 or 5, somehow he determined that God’s love was an exclusive item. I don’t remember how it started but he was clear that God didn’t love everybody. I’m so glad that he’s grown since that time to understand that God’s love is a gift to everybody. (Thinking about it, maybe he misunderstood on the needing to accept Jesus as your savior before you were a Christian??? It was the weirdest thing to us at the time because he was in a Christian preschool.) Luckily, I’m … [Read more...]

Need a Massage? Groupon to the Rescue!

Groupon Massages

          I need a massage. However you choose to say it, self-care, a spa day or well-deserved treat, I know that I’m in need of a serious relaxation that will include a massage and will be using Groupon to help me find the perfect one! It might sound a little unique to use them for a health and beauty service but I’ve used Groupon more than once over the years to find awesome salons, nail shops and even massage therapists. Over the last month, … [Read more...]

Taste of ZooTopia : The Movie Night Experience


My boys are a lot like my husband (and father-in-law) in that they love movies. I’m so-so on a movie but we’ve slowly been growing our collection with some of their favorites. One that we’re definitely adding is Zootopia. When we saw in the theaters earlier this spring, I admittedly missed a bit of it so I have been looking forward to its DVD release date of June 7! It was even the second movie of the year to cross the one billion dollar mark for box office sales and there's talk of a … [Read more...]

Three Reasons to Use Groupon Coupons to Stretch Your Budget

Three Reasons to Use Groupon Coupons to Stretch Your Shopping Budget

This is a sponsored post however all opinions are mine. June is right around the corner and for my family, that means it’s time for the #Juneabration! All four of our birthdays are in June, including at least two birthday parties sometimes up to 4, not to mention Father’s Day and a few graduations, so obviously my budget is a little more than stretched this month. (I have to admit I didn’t think this through as well as I should have.) Enter Groupon Coupons to help save the day! Like most … [Read more...]