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I feel like we’ve had this New Year’s haze in the air. Everyone is happy with the expectation of newness. I know I was part of the “Looking Forward to 2016!” crowd last month. However, with only a few days into the new year, things are just as busy and full as they were at the end of last year. I have been slammed with unexpected challenges that have tried to knock me off of the “New Year, New Things” happy vibes. It was in the midst of this that I realized it’s about the choices I made and what I’m defining as a priority.

There are certain things that most certainly should be a priority. Work emergencies (and I mean the big ones like staff AWOL missing) should be a priority. Little work emergencies like “Can you respond to my email NOW?” aren’t a priority. Those have to get on the list and fall in the line with all the other responsibilities that I have. And I literally keep a running list of things to do for work, home, blog, etc.

What I am choosing to make a priority this year is JOY, with everything I do.

I realized that this is the word that I want to have and carry with me all year long. I started my year organizing my home with the KonMari method of choosing only items that bring me joy.

I let my boys play outside in the dark at 6:00 pm last night because they needed to run off some steam and they were having so much joy. We live for summer nights but I realize that they’re finding joy even in the winter nights.

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I’m carrying joy with me as a finish speaking proposals and even work towards my passions.

AND I am most certainly going to feel full of joy as I travel this year. I’m even upgrading my travel for a few trips to make sure I have a great time. Beautiful ocean views are surely going to bring my joy.

I realized that I have to be purposeful in carrying out this feeling of JOY. I am going to make sure that I live in the moment and look for the joy with each situation. If it’s really so, so crazy, I’m going to make sure that I find some littlest bit of joy in it.  I’m also not going to postpone my joy. (I heard that on Top Chef last night.) I’m going to start the list today, not wait for “when I….”. I’m going to do all those things that I can on a bucket list now.

What’s your word or intention for 2016? Do you even bother? Tell me how you really feel. 🙂


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