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I have received complimentary services for the purposes of this review but all opinions are mine and reflect my honest experiences.  

Colour Hairstyle App is the Uber for Hair. Check out my review.

If you haven’t heard about the Colour hairstyle app, then you’re missing out! Colour is a new on-demand hairstyling service specializing in Black women’s hair based in Atlanta. The beauty of the Colour app is that you schedule it to come to the location that is most convenient for you.

Colour was created in 2016 in response to co-founder Debra Shigley’s own experiences as well as needs. She was traveling from Atlanta to New York for a national appearance and wondering how she was going to find a quality stylist for her hair. The more she talked with other Black women, she realized that her experiences were not unique.

Debra’s sensitivity of the beauty needs for Black women started during her undergrad experience at Harvard when she wrote an article for the school newspaper on the standard of beauty. As styles have evolved and more Black women transitioned to wearing natural hair, services that provided a standard blowout wouldn’t work for the Black woman who wanted the versatility of a blowout on this appointment and a naturally curly style for her next appointment.

She also understood that another pain point for Black women with their hair and the salon experience was the amount of time spent at the salon. The time spent at a hair salon for any hairstyling service combined with travel and waiting was time that busy women would love to reclaim. Taking all these experiences along with her own time as a student in beauty school while living in Mexico City, Debra joined together with co-founder Stephanie Belcher to solve these two pain points.

How the Colour Hairstyle App Works

Enter the Colour app and providing a trusted and quality hairstyling service at the location of your choice! To ensure that you have a quality experience, Colour has recruited stylist through an audition process, taken through a customer service interview and finally passed the background check (because these stylist do go into your homes!)

Booking the service is a simple process and fully done through the Colour hairstyle app. You select the style of your choice ranging from The Hi-Gloss (natural curls are “shingled” and finger-coiled), The C.C. (spiral curls are heat-styled over air-dried or twisted-out hair), or a Trim and Style (a “dust” off of split ends followed by the straight-drying and styling). After selecting your style, you make payment via the app as well so there’s no need to worry about making sure you have cash on hand to pay the hair stylish.

The Colour team does request that you wash your own hair in advance of the appointment and depending upon the style your hair should be air-dried or slightly damp. On the day of your appointment, you’ll receive a text letting you know that your stylist is on the way in approximately 30 minutes.

The stylist comes in and just needs a place with access to power for their tools and gets right to work. Just an hour or so later, your hair is completed and looking fabulous. Because they are focused on customer service and a quality experience, you’ll receive a survey to rate your stylist after your appointment.

My Personal Review of the Colour Service

I have used the Colour hairstyle app twice and I have to say that I’m in love with the service. Both times, I received a style that looked fabulous, held-up well and felt great within just an hour and while at home with my children running around.

For my first appointment, I told the Colour team that I needed a style that took me through a week of travel spending three days in the sun of California for a farm visit and then traveling to a formal awards dinner on day four. Troia suggested a two strand twist and it did not disappoint. My hair was perfect for the full week, including two red eye flights to/from the West Coast. She came on a Sunday morning and I was able to get my hair done after serving my boys breakfast in just an hour. They were literally sitting at the table watching me in their pajamas.


My first appointment I went with a two strand twist. Yes, it was completed in just an hour!

The Colour Hairstyle app is perfect for Black Women's Hair

I’m going to let you in on the secret that I’m not a super high maintenance person not only because of time but also because I’m just not fabulous at doing my own hair. I need help in getting the perfect twist out and Troia is a good stylist. The fact that I was able to cut down on travel time to a salon and received a service that lasted was more than enough for me to book another appointment. Troia also shared with me that as a stylist, she loves working with Colour – ensuring that I don’t have to worry about her leaving soon!

My second appointment I opted for the CC style of a blow out with spiral curls. Troia came again for an early Saturday morning appointment and was just as amazing with her blowing my hair out and curling it in just one hour! Because I had been out late the night before, not having to get up early and drive to a salon was a lifesaver. I was on my way to a Spelman College scholarship luncheon and being able to get my hair done at home and get dressed after getting my hair done was such a luxury.

The Colour Hairstyle App is a great time saver for women with natural hair styles.

My second visit and my blow out came out just as great! They really can do any kind of natural hair.

My hair looked so fabulous on the first day but the second day, I was off to another fundraiser (it was a busy weekend!) and my hair was looking just as great for that event. This is a huge deal because the week before I had an appointment and my hair was over it by the end of the evening. Even now 5 days later, my hair almost as straight as it was on Saturday morning after she did it.

Colour App at Jack and Jill fundraiser

The Colour Founder Debra and I with another Colour client who also loved her service.

I can’t rave enough about the service and honestly, my friends can’t either. I was out to dinner on Friday night with a group of 8 women and it turned out 3 of us had appointments with Colour the next morning! We had all previously used the service and loved how it turned out so we did it again.

How Much is Colour?

I have to tell you that Colour’s pricing is totally in line with what you’d pay in salon of $65 to $80 per appointment. Despite the convenience, you’re not paying a surcharge. For me, actually it’s saving money because I don’t have to worry about finding childcare for my appointment (important for a homeschooling mom) or taking too much time away from my family on a weekend.

The price is going to get even better because I have a discount code for my friends to use. Because I consider you a friend as well, here’s a discount code $10 for your first appointment; just enter KENDRA20.

Now that I’ve told you all about it, when are you booking your appointment? Tag me on Instagram at headbandfortoday and let me know how much you like it once you do.





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    Let me tell you how smart and necessary this is. I don’t go to the salon because Indont want to be in there for hours. To have a stylist come to my home is totally the answer.

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