Celebrate National Friendship Day & Connect Better

Celebrate National Friendship Day & Connect Better!

Being a good friend can sometimes be a challenge at this point in my life. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling this summer and when I haven’t been gone, I’m trying to catch up on the things that I’ve missed while being gone. Not to mention, I’m always busy with my family and working…so that I have to admit I’ve been sending messages to friends saying “we need to connect”.

FTD was so kind as to help me out with by reminding me that August 7 is National Friendship Day and it’s the perfect reason to #ConnectBetter with friends. They offered to send a bouquet of roses to one of my blogger besties and I choose Maria from over at Mamalicious Maria. The thing is that Maria isn’t just one of my blogger besties but she’s also one of my real life besties and that predates the blog.

Maria and I met when I joined Mocha Moms 8 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) and her friendship has been a gift in life ever since that time. She is a parenting model for so many in our circle because she has four children and has probably been through a lot of the common parenting stages, if not more than once.

Maria, I and a bunch of the Mochas lately!

Maria, I and a bunch of the Mochas lately!

One thing that I truly love about Maria as a person and friend is that she handles most everything with grace and compassion. She’s not the person who you call to gossip but the one who reminds you to take the high road and see things through the other person’s perspective without being preachy. That characteristic inspires me to be a better person, not just a good blogger. I personally need to be reminded that it’s really not always about me. Another thing that I love is Maria gets the busy life and she never makes me feel guilty when I’m too busy to connect with her. She just accepts that as part of the season we’re in now in life (because if I didn’t mention, she keeps pretty busy herself.) For these reasons, I sent this lovely Elite Optimism Rose Bouquet to both Maria and myself. Because yellow is the color of friendship for roses, I went in looking for a yellow bunch.


The description provided on the FTD website fit perfectly because who wouldn’t like to bring fun and joy to a special friend? “This fresh bouquet of Salambo variety roses, known for its bicolored yellow petals with red tips, is accented with a variety of lush greens that will create a bold and vibrant gift intended to bring joy and fun to your special recipient’s day.”   Both Maria and I were very impressed with the quality of the roses. They were delivered via FedEx and even on a hot August ninety-plus degree day in GA, they looked fresh and maintained a fragrant smell. I can only imagine how well they’d do if someone had been home to receive them.

The vase that came along with the bouquet was a heavy glass and perfectly at home on the table of a busy family. I will look forward to using it years into the future and remembering why I received it fondly. National Friendship Day is only once a year but the remembering to #ConnectBetter doesn’t have to be. Make sure you reach out to a friend and connect better!


The flowers and the vase that they came along with…It’s a heavy vase.



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