Earth to Echo Review

earth to echo review

My family had the pleasure of attending a red carpet prescreening of the movie, Earth to Echo. As a quick summary, it’s a family adventure movie centering on three friends who are being forced to move because of a highway construction project. The boys start receiving strange messages on their phones and set out on an adventure to find the source of messages which leads the group to Echo, an alien who’s been stranded on Earth. That’s the basic story but there is a bit more to the story.

I was a little nervous going in that it might be scary for the 6 year old because I’d heard it described as “an updated version of E.T.” and in my opinion, there are some parts of E.T. that are a little scary and very sad. My 6 year old was totally okay with everything and in fact, he loved it.

et v echo

There were a few scenes that were a little sad but overall, it was fine and he enjoyed the special effects in it. My husband (a science kind of guy) liked it too. He thought it was semi-believable along the lines of the alien science (i.e. there was no transforming the human race into drones) and the story was well developed.

One of the stars of the film, Brian “Astro” Bradley  was even able to make the red carpet here in Atlanta and I was able to chat with him for a few. He really did an awesome job in the movie! First off, he’s 16 ½ (he did tell me ½ ) and the film was done only last year but he does take on a different persona in the movie. I totally saw him as a shy middle schooler, which is the mark of a great actor. He’s also really personable and a good role model when talking in person with younger kids.

astro from earth to echo

Overall, I would highly recommend taking your children ages mature 6 and up. You know your children and what they can handle. Here’s a trailer you might want to share with your children first to see how they react.


  1. says

    We enjoyed the movie… although the “shaky filming” had my husband leaving early ( he doesn’t do good on 3d movies either) I know my 5 year old enjoyed it, but I do think older kids and for sure tweens will LOVE IT

  2. shaunie says

    Haven’t seen the movies and hoping for the screening that is coming up soon. Would love to see this. Thanks for the heads of for sure on the ages for the children to see the movie

  3. Pierre Mosbey says

    I wanted to see this one too! I got the feeling it’s like a cross between E.T. and Chronicle. I guess it’s safe to say that feeling was right! haha

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