How to Get Fit in 2017: Top 5 Products to Put in Your Gym Bag

How to Get Fit in 2017 The Top 5 Products for Your Gym Bag From

If you want a friend who will keep you on track in terms of fitness and wellness, it would most certainly be Dani Faust from She and I have been friends since the 2014 BlogHer conference when we went to get our toes done. Our relationship has only grown over that time and she’s great about motivating me just in our daily conversations.

Dani is my fitness advice friend because she lives it all the time. She’s a Beachbody coach and fitness is a part of her life but she’s always sharing by example. Our conversations might take place with her walking two miles to pick up her children from school without breaking her stride! You really should check out her Instagram at The Dani Faust (thedanifaust) and take a peek at her daily affirmations.

Fitness Products for Your Gym Bag

Since 2017 is the year  I’m going to get fit (hey, I actually have been changing all the time), I asked Dani to give me a few tips for things that I should pack in my gym bag.

Her first recommendation is a water bottle. It sounds so basic and I asked why I needed to actually carry along a bottle. Ms fitness-know-it-all said “Hydration is of the utmost importance, especially when you’re just starting a workout routine at the gym. You’ll want to sip throughout your workout and finish the rest when you’re done.” I guess I can go along with this since she does have pretty cool skin as well.

Secondly, “Get a set of headphones. They’re crucial for music or an audiobook to listen to while you workout. Music definitely helps with motivation so don’t leave those headphones at home.” She suggested a Bluetooth pair to make sure that I’m not attached to my phone and getting tripped up.

Get fit with music to motivate you. Try these Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless and four other cool things to get fit in 2017 from

The Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless. Image courtesy of Monster.

Luckily, this Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones is a great fit! They last up to 8 hours between charges, so I don’t have to worry about recharging them.

She did finally share a product I already owned! The fitness tracker because “seeing how many calories you burn, or how far you’ve run is a great motivator to keep up the good work. Remember to pack (and wear) your fitness tracker to automatically log your efforts and keep you on the right track.”

Be stylish and fit with this Misfit Fitness Tracker. Image courtesy of Misfit

Be stylish and fit with this Misfit Fitness Tracker. Image courtesy of Misfit

I personally am a huge, huge fan of my Misfit Ray because it doesn’t require nightly charging!

“Take a Snack Bar.” I was a little concerned about this one since I am focused on losing weight (i.e. cutting calories.) But I trust Dani and she said that I would “likely be famished after your workout. Having a healthy, high protein snack bar on hand in your gym bag will help stave off the munchies, keep your blood sugar levels normal and ensure you make a healthy choice post-workout.”

Finally another product she suggested is a microfiber towel from my home to wipe sweat away because I’ll likely sweat early and often during my gym time and I don’t want any excuses for why I don’t complete the work out.

Make sure you keep your skin clean after a workout. Get four other cool things to get fit in 2017 from

Image courtesy of Kleenex

I’m even going to go a little further and add another product onto her list with these Kleenex Moist Facial Cleansing Wipes. When I am in the gym regularly, I loved being able freshen up my face without having to take a full wash cloth and all my products along. These are perfect for wetting, washing my face and running because they’re disposable.

Wait, there’s more!

These are Dani’s tips on what I need to get fit in 2017 but if you missed it, her tips are just a part of the series! My friends who are experts in their fields have joined together to give me and my readers their tips on how to have a spectacular 2017. Click here to read more about the full series. We’re talking not only about fitness, but also work-life balance, organization, how NOT to lose your sparkle and fashion!

Let me know what your fitness tips are. I love to learn new tips and since I’m not the fitness expert, all information is welcomed!

How to Get Fit in 2017 The Top 5 Products for Your Gym Bag From



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    These are excellent product ideas! The microfiber towel is great for natural hair women fighting lint. And yes to headphones… good ones. Those Monster ones look great! Happy Fit Year!

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    She is right! I always carry a water container with me. I can’t go in without my headphones, it helps me keep people away, but also keeps me focused. Two things I don’t always bring are a towel and a snack, but I should change that. Thanks for the tips!

  3. says

    The microfiber towel sounds like a great idea as well as the headphones. I’m also in the market for a fitness tracker as well. I’ll have to check this one out.

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