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Groupon Massages


This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are mine. The content is a honest representation my personal experiences.

I need a massage. However you choose to say it, self-care, a spa day or well-deserved treat, I know that I’m in need of a serious relaxation that will include a massage and will be using Groupon to help me find the perfect one! It might sound a little unique to use them for a health and beauty service but I’ve used Groupon more than once over the years to find awesome salons, nail shops and even massage therapists.

Over the last month, I’ve been traveling just a bit. Some has been business and some has been personal but overall I’ve stayed in six different hotels, taken three flights (including two red-eyes) and driven more than 1,000 miles! Not to mention, getting back to school ready with uniforms and school supply shopping…so is it a wonder that I’m really looking for a massage?

I love using Groupon for a few reasons. First off, they’re reasonable. With all the travel and back to school things I’ve been doing, my budget could use a little help and Groupon certainly helps in that area. Secondly, I appreciate Groupon helping me find a new place to visit. When I use the local search on Groupon, I’m finding places directly in my area so I don’t find an awesome deal but have to drive 45 minutes to get there. The traffic in Atlanta would take away any relaxation benefits I had.

Groupon Massage

Finally, Groupon sorts the massages for me by type, so I don’t have to worrying about going through 75 different products to get to the one that I want. I know that I want a full-body and this is a me only event, so I don’t even have to consider looking in any other categories. It should also go without saying that Groupon has a great return policy. If the location goes out of business before I’m able to get there, I can just call them up and they’ll return the money. None of that trying to email and follow-up to get a refund. Because that would keep my stress level up even more!

These are all the reasons why I’m loving using Groupon for my personal pampering but I’d like to know your experiences too. Have you used them? What was your experience when you did?


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