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Macys Heart of Haiti Gifts that Give Hope

Shopping for my mother on Mother’s Day can be a challenge because I want to give a gift that is meaningful and memorable. I want this gift to be an expression of my love for my mother. My giving this Heart of Haiti Soapstone Heart Box with Gold Leafing to my mother is actually a special gift to myself to as well because it’s a gift that provides hope.

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The Soapstone Heart comes from the Macy’s Gifts that Give Hope collection. Even before the 2010 earthquake, Haiti was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haitian women bear most of this burden from their beginnings as girls. One third of all girls over 6 years old never go to school. As they become mothers, 523 Haitian women will die for every 100,000 pregnancies compared to 19 in the United States. Yet, these women still become mothers and like mothers all over they have hopes and dreams for the children that begin with education. Like the Haitian mothers, my mother and grandmother had dreams for me that started with education.

When I think about mothers, I can only think of the mothers in my own life. I grew up living with both my mother and grandmother, so my grandmother had a direct impact.  My grandmother was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1929 and graduated high school before she married. Because of her life circumstances, college was not something she thought about. During her life, she worked as a housekeeper and other various domestic roles but was always a proud woman, preferring hard work to handouts.

My mother is always stretching and dreaming so she encouraged me to apply to Spelman College, believing that a Spelman College education was going to be best for me. Coming from a single-parent household, my attendance at Spelman College was a stretch tuition-wise. I am now very proud to have graduated and will be celebrating my 15th Class Reunion this week.

My mother, myself and grandmother during my graduation activities.

My mother, myself and grandmother during my graduation activities.

As a mother now myself, I can better understand the dreams of my mother and the Haitian mothers. For me, this gift is helping fulfill the dreams of countless generations of mothers. By purchasing from the Heart of Haiti campaign, you’re providing trade not aid (supporting hard work not handouts) to one of the 550 artisans who work with the Heart of Haiti program. Each artist receives 50% of the wholesale price, which provide a sustainable living for the artists and their families.

If you’d like to see more of the collection and help provide trade not aid while getting some really special home décor items, be sure to browse the collection at Macy’s. My gift was for Mother’s Day but the collection isn’t seasonal. There are plenty of items available online and in-store at selected locations. Take a look around and find the perfect item for yourself so you can help provide trade not aid.

How was your Mother’s Day? Did you give/get the perfect gift?

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