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Three Lessons from Kung Fu Panda

My family was recently invited to a screening of Kung Fu Panda 3 and while we really enjoyed it (it might be my favorite one of the series), I realized that there were several lessons/reasons worth going to see it that I wanted to share with you.


Here’s a quick summary of the movie:

When Po’s long-lost panda father suddenly reappears, the reunited duo travels to a secret panda paradise to meet scores of hilarious new panda characters.  But when the supernatural villain Kai begins to sweep across China defeating all the kung fu masters, Po must do the impossible—learn to train a village full of his fun-loving, clumsy brethren to become the ultimate band of Kung Fu Pandas!

The movie is full of the same comedy, heart and kung fu sequences that we loved in both Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2. Po is just as fun and boisterous as he was in the first two movies but one change is that he’s now leading the Furious Five – the best Kung Fu warriors in all of China and his idols – Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Crane and Mantis, as their teacher.

My boys thought it was “Awesome” (according to the 7 year old). Going in, I was concerned that we hadn’t seen the others recently but you don’t have to remember the previous ones to love this movie. The story stands alone well enough that you can make this first one in the series you see. I loved that there were several points and actions in the movie for a conversation starting point with my sons. We most certainly laughed but after the movie, I was able to connect the movie to character lessons I wanted them to capture.


The first lesson I saw in the movie was Be Yourself. When Po is selected to train the Furious Five, he tries to emulate his teacher Shifu. Needless to say that doesn’t go well. Po and Shifu are very different and it’s only once Po embraces his style, that he can be successful. The same applies in life: trying to emulate someone else won’t make you successful.


You have to master your chi is the second lesson for me. Po didn’t see that he actually had the power to control his destiny within himself at first. I realized when talking with my son that we have to focus on what we do well and practice that just as much as those things we don’t as well.


I’m always living the final lesson, It takes a village. Po has always had his father Mr. Ping but now in this movie, he meets his biological father Li, and the whole village of pandas just like him. His fathers and the extended village are key for Po overcoming the villain Kai and saving all of China. We’re not saving all of China but my boys know there are a group of people who help save me all the time, even if it’s just as simply as picking them up from school.

Three Lessons from Kung Fun Panda 3

With all this information, I hope we convinced you exactly why you should go see Kung Fu Panda 3 too.  The only question is are you planning to go this weekend or next?

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