How to Have a Spectacular Life: Five Tips for Managing Life

How to Manage Life

When I said that 2016 was rough, it was also the year that I learned to ask and receive help for managing life. It took some time but when I had a last minute project right before Thanksgiving, I reached out to Jamie and her firm, The LifeStyle Group for help.

I’ve known Jamie since I moved to New York a lifetime ago. She is a Spelman alumna and active member of the New York chapter of the alumnae association. She was working long hours at an investment bank but still made time to be involved with our alumnae association and give back. Jamie has always been focused on giving 100% with no shortcuts which is why I feel comfortable trusting her to help me with the big and little projects.

Fast forward, we both now live in Atlanta and she’s the CEO of The LifeStyle Group but still brings that passion and focus into everything she does. Be sure to check out her Bio on her site if you doubt me. It’s written in the same straightforward way that she communicates. I thought that it would be best to share her words directly as well.

Five Tips on Managing Life by Jamie Bennett, The LifeStyle Group

Jamie Bennett of The LifeStyle Group shares tips on how to manage life. Read more on

On your journey to a more balanced life:

1) The first step is to always assess your mindset. 

Superwoman is a fictional character. She was never supposed to be your role modelClick To TweetMaking a decision to hire help is NOT an admission of failure. It is understanding that there are 24 hours in a day and you have to make smart decisions about what should be on your to do list and what should be delegated.

2) Meal planning is your friend.  Make a master list of your go to meals, build a well stocked pantry and block out time to decide what you and your family are eating for the upcoming week.  It’s OK to include dinner out or options from a meal service company. Also be strategic, if you roast a turkey on Sunday, then Wednesday…turkey sandwiches and potato salad can be a dinner option.

3) What is a task that you absolutely hate? No judgement, no guilt.  Is it laundry, is it going to the grocery store or is it cleaning? Whatever it is, hire someone to do it and when you consider the cost…think of it as an investment. Evaluate your return on investment, are you happier, is your stress reduced, are you less overwhelmed? And please remember when you delegate it isn’t about whether or not you can do the task…of course you can, it is more about should you.  Is it a good use of your time and energy.

4) This may cause some of you to clutch your pearls, but you absolutely must be first on your to do list. Self care is mandatory for this journey. This means yoga, going to the gym, weekly runs, massages…actually get scheduled into your calendar as priority events.  If you don’t take care of you, you really can’t take care of anyone else.

5) Focus and be present in the moment. If you are at your child’s sporting event or at your spouse’s holiday party, how about leaving your phone in your purse. When you are at dinner no phones at the table. Time is fleeting and we have become so good at multi-tasking that we forget to pay attention. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is eye contact.

How to Hire Jamie!

Jamie Bennett of The LifeStyle Group shares tips on how to manage life. Read more on

If you’re thinking you might need help managing life from Jamie, be sure to check out her firm, The LifeStyle Group at They offer four lines of services –  concierge services, errand services, event management services and lifestyle management services. You can read more about their services here.

It’s Our Pleasure – Our services allow you to “Give Yourself or Your staff the Gift Of Time”, by providing us with your to do list. We are here to assist you living your best life by creating extraordinary experiences. We offer a multitude of personal and business services. If the service you require doesn’t fall into one of the listed categories, please give us a call so that we may create a customized plan just for you. Your imagination really is the only limit to the assignments that we’ll take on.

 I really appreciate Jamie sharing her tips for managing life with me and you! While we know these things, it’s great to be reminded of how important they really are. If you haven’t followed along with the rest of my series, you need to check it out. Over the next few weeks, I have friends giving advice to not only help you manage life but also get fit in the gym, organize your life, keep your sparkle! You need to check back on Wednesday to see what’s next in the series.

Five tips for managing life for busy mothers from Jamie Bennett of the LifeStyle Group. Read more at

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