Meet Kendra

Meet Kendra from Headband for Today

Hi there! Nice to meet you, I’m Kendra and welcome to my little place on the web.

Headband for Today is a lifestyle blog focusing on real women who are constantly juggling multiple headbands of marriage, children, family, career and trying to keeping a little piece of their time for themselves daily.

The title, Headband for Today, captures the essence of what most of these women are doing, wearing different roles and responsibilities at any different time. What role I’m playing that day all depends on what headband I’m wearing at the time. On any given day, I might participate in a conference call for work, volunteer in one of my boys schools, complete my officer duties of one of my organizations all while throwing clothes in the washing machine and trying to write a blog post somewhere in there too.

The goal of Headband for Today is to provide timely information that helps make your life a little easier, better and more thoughtful. It might come from inspirational content, reviews, DIY or just my family and our daily life. We attend shows, play with friends and have an active life. We garden and conduct science experiments at home, attend music classes for both the baby and big boy and play sports. We love to travel, host parties and just “be on the go” generally. I’ve had some great people share things with me that made me think and have made my life better. Some of the lessons were these huge “Aha!” moments but more of them were just the stories of their lives. I hope you’ll find the same type of content here.

You may find sponsored content among my posts but all content is truly reflective of my opinions, experiences and how my family uses products in our daily life. I do not accept posts that do not align with my values/beliefs and are not true.

Here are some of my favorite posts that can give you a better feel for who I am and what I like to share with you:

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