My Son is Just as Much as a Treasure as Your Daughter

My Son is Just As Much A Treasure As Your Daughter Blog

Every Prom season, I love seeing all the pretty pictures of the girls in their dresses and guys dressed up so handsomely in their tuxes. I know one day my sons will be those dapperly dressed boys. But there’s one picture I’ve seen making the rounds that I just can’t like. I think the girl is very pretty but the dad? That’s a whole different story.

My Sons Are a Treasure 1

I get that this is a joke and the girl is laughing. I also understand that’s it a play on an old pop culture joke but given the current era we’re living in, I don’t think anyone having a gun with the implied threat of violence is funny. I’m sorry, I just can’t not now.  If we’re protesting for #BlackLivesMatter and want to have images of representation that matter to us, I can’t support or laugh at this image. That’s the big picture thought.

As a mom of two sons, I really don’t think it’s a joke because MY SON IS JUST AS MUCH AS A PRINCE AS YOUR DAUGHTER IS A PRINCESS! I’m a distance away from the dating period however my husband and I are raising our sons with just as much love and emphasis on being a person of high moral character that I believe every parent does.

We’re raising our sons to be well educated as global citizens. Their education is not only happening in the classrooms but also on our travels. For us, it’s just as important that he knows how to write the letter A as well as where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are located.

They are fiscally responsible and have their own bank accounts, yes at this age. We’re sending them out into the world armed with fiscal knowledge so that they won’t be held back by debt. If they choose to be business owners, artists, fireman, Skylanders teachers or engineers (all choices on the table when you’re 3 and 7), they’ll live comfortable lives.

My oldest son is learning how to be helpful, trustworthy and every other part of the Cub Scout law. He will be able to take care of himself, change a tire, sew a button on, cook a meal and generally make the world a better place.

My Sons are a Treasure 2

At the end of the day, I want my sons to be respected as young men who have high moral character and would not disrespect themselves or their family (i.e. my husband or I) by engaging in any kind of threatening behavior, especially against a young woman. I would hope that the young women they date in the future and her family are having the same kind of conversations we are in our house now to ensure they’re ready to date respectfully in 10-15 years. I would hope that anyone they choose to date would have the same type of upbringing in her family and not try to assault my sons on prom night or any other night. (If you think I’m reaching ask the men/boys around you who initiated their first kisses or other sexual experiences.)

While I get the joke and understand where it comes from, in my opinion it’s not a funny joke anymore. The young ladies and young men that I know (for the most part) are free thinking individuals and respectful people. In the words of a friend’s son, “She’s going to prom alone” if her family thinks that little of the young men I’ve raised into treasures would be the butt of a family’s joke. Neither one should be subjected to such “funny” stereotypes and especially not my sons.

Do you think I’m overreacting? I know not everyone will agree with me but please be respectful with your disagreement. 

My Son is Just As Much A Treasure As Your Daughter



  1. says

    Well said! Especially the “who initiated what” part. Folks cannot wrap their heads around girls being the initiators of the very behavior that parents are trying to deter the boys from initiating. They are so focused on the boys, that they don’t take the time to tell their daughters to keep it classy too.

    I know you guys are raising some wonderful boys! By the time it is time for them to date, I hope that there is a young lady that is worthy… and smart enough to tell her dad to put away whatever weapon he was thinking of brandishing before a date.

  2. MJ says

    Thank you Kendra! Thank you. I’m only 10 months in to being a boy mom and I already have so many emotions about what it will be like to raise him, how the world will perceive him and how I will protect his honor because I am raising a respectful, loving, responsible young man.

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