Netflix and NO Chill – Family Style #Giveaway

Netflix and Chill

While Netflix and Chill has taken on a whole different meaning than what it used to (google it for the non-family version 🙂 ), my family took a little time out during our snow days last weekend to do just that. We literally watched a lot of Netflix and chilled out.

We started our day with a walk around to really see all the “snow” that had fell overnight. Coming from Minnesota, this snow was a true joke. It was just the lightest dusting but it did make the roads more than a little dangerous because of the layer of ice under the snow, so we decided to stay at home! We did play a few games, eat snacks and just have fun but at the root of it all, we watched a lot of Netflix.

DSC_0045 1

The street was so serene when we were walking around.


My husband and sons are huge fans of Netflix because they’re really TV people and Netflix offers such a variety of shows. I don’t watch as often but I love that when I do, the shows I want to watch are usually able to be found there. Like when I wanted to learn more about the GMO food debate, I was able to reach out and find Food Inc right in the comfort of my home.

I do like that Netflix has such a database of movies though. It really came in handy during our “Watch It Read It” summer reading list last year. I was able to find the movie versions of our summer reading and go a step beyond the usual by doing a compare/contrast exercise.

I also love that Netflix has different profiles for different members of the family. I actually don’t have my own but my husband does and my oldest son does as well. I’m not sure that there’s a huge difference in what my son would watch under my husband’s but I’m glad to know that he does have his own kid profile.

As you can see I’m all about the Netflix and Chill life; just literally chilling family style. However, if you’re interested in any other type of Netflix and Chill, I totally support it. I even support it so much that I’ve joined together with a group of other social media rockstars for this Netflix and Chill giveaway. We’re giving a $100 Netflix giftcard. If you already have an account, you can just add it in and extend your months. And if you don’t have an account, then you can see what the hype is about!

Please go ahead and enter today. I’m sure you’ll love Netflix as much as I do and then you can let me know how you Netflix and Chill.

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  1. A'Kia says

    Neflix is a must in my home! The profiles help with what I watch and what my child watches. My watch history would be totally different from my daughter’s so I can appreciate when this came along which was not too long ago. Before the separate profiles came along I found myself policing my Netflix account so she wouldn’t even accidentally get into my movies. Now she licks her name and photo and it opens up a world of kids for her! 🙂

    • KendraKendra says

      I get it. For some reason, he does use his profile but he’ll also use his dad’s. I need to make him use his own more.

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