Ocean Summer Camp at Home

Welcome to Summer Camp at Home! School’s out or it will be soon, so what are your plans for the summer?

Ocean Summer Camp at Home

If you’re like most people there are some camps, family travel and a few other things but some weeks, there is nothing currently planned. That’s why we’re here on the blog to give you some tips. Over the next seven weeks, I’ve partnered with a few other inventive bloggers to share our plans for Summer Camp at Home.

My theme is all about the Oceans. If you know my family then this is no surprise because we are always down for a good beach vacation. Here are just a few of my favorite snacks, crafts, books, movies and exhibits to make sure that we’re keeping it all going along swimmingly for the Ocean Summer Camp at Home. You can pick five that you love and do one each day or do a few from each day.

Watching Ocean Summer Camp at Home

To get in the mood for our Ocean Summer Camp at Home, our viewing for the week is going to start with my boys favorite things to watch (not that I’ve heard it fifty dozen times or anything) is The Cat in the Hat: Ocean Commotion. I like the Cat in the Hat series because the Cat has no problem with educating my children about the world and this movie is no different.

Another place to view the coolest things under the sea is on this National Geographic Kids playlist of Deep Sea Creatures. Check it out in the video below or click on the link here to open and save it for later.

Reading Ocean Summer Camp at Home

Ocean Summer Camp at Home Headband For Today

Pete the Cat is a staple in my house so of course we’re going to include Pete at the Beach. Keeping the Cat in the Hat theme going, another favorite is Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures.

National Geographic Kids always provides detailed information with vibrant pictures at the appropriate age level which is why I love their First Big Book of the Ocean, Ocean Creatures Look and Learn and Ocean Animals: Who’s Who in the Deep Blue. All three are for slightly different age/readings levels but offer the same in-depth experience of getting to know the ocean animals better.

Eating Your Way Through Ocean Summer Camp at Home

Ocean Summer Camp at Home Headband For Today Food

What is a camp without snacks? Here are some of my favorite odes to the ocean for your taste buds.

One of my favorite’s and the easiest is a blue jello with fruit snacks on the inside. Since this is the perfect time of year for all things “Finding Dory”, I just popped a few into jello and my boys had a snack they loved.

Ocean Summer Camp at Home Headband For Today 2

ThriftyJinxy is preparing us for a snack on the run with this DIY Shark Snack mix.

Baking Beauty has this recipe for a copycat Sonic Ocean Water. This is perfect for the days when you don’t want to make a Sonic trip but still have a craving for a ‘cool drink’ in the words of my youngest son. I think the blue color is part of what makes it so cool for him.

Craftsy has the simplest Beach Cake Pop tutorial. I promise that you should try it because it looks impressive but can actually be done with children and still look just as impressive.

Hungry Happenings is the winner for most detailed ocean themed snack display for these Chicken Patty Starfish and cute Smore’s Starfish.

For a real taste of the ocean that you can during into a full meal (just add a salad and corn on the cob), you should try these Spicy Muffin Tin Crab Cakes. Baking these in the muffin tin saves time and makes this a recipe that the kids can help in preparing.

Make Your way Through Ocean Summer Camp at Home

Ocean Summer Camp at Home Headband For Today Crafts

Glued to My Crafts has this cute Footprint Sharks Craft over on her blog. I love how it can serve as a keepsake and capture the size of your child’s foot at this point in life.

This Shark Toilet Paper Roll is another Shark craft that your children will love to make. Who doesn’t love a shark that they can chase their friends around with?

I love these DIY Sea Stars from Preschool Inspirations because they help bring another part of the ocean home.

Here’s an incredibly simple fish paper craft that shows the motion of fish.

If you want an advanced project for older children, this Lanternfish Stick from the Monterey Bay Aquarium helps explore the different patterns on fish and how they can create their own school of fish with their friends.

One of my favorite resources, National Geographic Kids in conjunction with the National Science Foundation, created this All-In-One Marine Missions Kit recommended for Pre-K and up. I’d recommend looking over it and finding the right activities for your family. It include songs, art projects and even pledges for how we can take better care of the ocean. You can access it right here.

Another project from the Monterey Bay Aquarium is this easy how to draw sharks from the Shark School of Art.

Ocean Summer Camp at Home Field Trip

Finally, because my family is all about a good long weekend trip, here are a few lists of the top aquariums to visit. Make sure to check them out because they might be right in your own back yard and offer a great place to visit OR even if you’re not up for traveling, the pictures and descriptions on their sites are only going to expand your view of the ocean even more.

Travel Channel Best Aquariums in the US

Parents Magazine The 10 Best Aquariums for Kids

Mommy Poppins 11 Best Aquariums for Your Next Family Vacation

US City Traveler 25 Best Aquariums in America

Ocean Summer Camp at Home  Pin

I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on the Ocean Summer Camp at Home. Be sure to come back over the next few weeks as I’ll be linking up the other posts in Summer Camp at Home series below. Here’s a sneak preview of the coming attractions!

Summer Camp at Home

Tell me what your plans are. Do you have any Summer Camp at Home weeks planned? If so, let me know the themes and where to find them at. I’m always looking for new ideas.


  1. MJ says

    This is super cute Kendra. We will definitely make the paper roll shark and grab that Pete the Cat book. My daughter is so into Pete, sharks and dolphins right now. Thanks for the ideas.

    • KendraKendra says

      I’m so glad that you found these helpful. I love that the Pete the Cat book is an early reader so it can grow with your child’s reading level.

  2. says

    OMG I didn’t know Pete the Cat was a series of different books! We had one that got read to death.
    These are great ideas. After our Atlantis trip, Rohan is asking way more ocean type questions and these activities would be great to make learning all about the ocean more fun. Thanks for sharing!!

    • KendraKendra says

      Pete does it all! He goes to space, has new shoes, the beach, Easter, etc. We have a ton of Pete books. Thanks for coming by.

  3. says

    These ideas are so great! My kids get out of school next week so we’ll be starting this series then. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • KendraKendra says

      Thanks for coming by and I’m glad you found these helpful. I can’t wait to hear how you use them in practice.

  4. says

    I love all of these ideas! Especially the variety of books and snacks. Thanks for sharing so parents can get great ideas on beach related activities.

  5. says

    I love the Finding Dory reference. So timely. I hope my kids want to see it. I’ll try showing them Finding Nemo again. They weren’t into it, even though I was.


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