15 Atlanta Gift Experience and a Free Printable Gift Experience Certificate!


If you’re in search of the elusive gift for someone who has it all, why not consider an Atlanta gift experience instead? These are great last minute gifts as well. Just print off the certificate I have at the bottom, fill in your details and you can slip it into an envelope or put it in a box to present it in a grand fashion. They’ll never have to know that you didn’t pick it up months ago! Here are 15 of my favorites for you to choose from and let me know how they work out. Atlanta Season Pass … [Read more...]

How Gaylord National ICE! Will Make You Create New Holiday Traditions

The Nativity Scene at Gaylord National ICE! from 2016 #ChristmasonThePotomac

While my family had holiday traditions and my husband's family had traditions, we hadn't fully created a tradition for our family together. Until this year and our holiday getaway to jump into the holiday spirit at the Christmas on the Potomac at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. Our lifestyle is busy like most families and we spend a lot of time on the go. It seems counterproductive but for us being away home is the easiest way to make sure we carve out dedicated quality … [Read more...]

Five Atlanta Cyber Monday Deals on Annual Passes

Looking for experiences and not things, be sure to check out these Atlanta family friendly attractions that are offering Cyber Monday deals you'll want to check out.

These are Atlanta Cyber Monday deals on annual passes that I just had to share with you. I know many of us are looking to do more around experiences and not things as gifts, so why not have purchase an annual pass instead of another gift? My family loves to go and these are all honestly places we’ve had season passes to for at least one year. To help you in figuring out if they’re the right fit for you, I made a note of my families experience and the age of my children when we had the passes. … [Read more...]

Say & Pray Devotionals : Helping Young Children Learn God’s Love


When my oldest son was about 4 or 5, somehow he determined that God’s love was an exclusive item. I don’t remember how it started but he was clear that God didn’t love everybody. I’m so glad that he’s grown since that time to understand that God’s love is a gift to everybody. (Thinking about it, maybe he misunderstood on the needing to accept Jesus as your savior before you were a Christian??? It was the weirdest thing to us at the time because he was in a Christian preschool.) Luckily, I’m … [Read more...]

Mandarin Oriental Atlanta : A Multi-Sensory Luxury Experience

Welcome to the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta Hotel

  When one of your friends is marking her fortieth birthday, you want to have an experience that marks the full significance of the occasion. Having visited the Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta recently, I knew that this was going to be an absolutely perfect place for a Spa Day and Girlfriends Getaway in Atlanta and was thrilled when they agreed to host myself and two friends. I had a partner to plan for the perfect event and can honestly say there is nothing that we would change; our stay … [Read more...]

Trolls Movie Review & A Movie Giveaway

A review of the Trolls Movie from a review family. Check out all the things they loved and the giveaway for your own movie night.

It’s the day of the Trolls! In case you’re wondering what Trolls I'm talking about, it’s opening day for the new movie Trolls! My family was able to attend a screening and I highly recommend it for people of all ages, not just families. It’s a rare movie that my husband, my 8 year old, my 4 year old and I ALL leave the theater feeling like we’d PAY to see it again and can’t wait to add the DVD to our collection. Here’s the official synopsis of the movie: From the creators of Shrek comes … [Read more...]

The Season of NO

Why it's okay to be in a season of NO and how it can benefit you.

No. I’ve heard so many times that “No is a complete sentence” but haven’t really used it nearly as much as I should. I have learned the error of my ways and am slowly adopting this spirit of the “Season of NO”. I know sounds contrary to the Year of Yes from Shonda Rhimes but it’s actually very similar. (And I do mean to read the book soon because friends have raved over it.) My Season of NO means saying NO to anything that my spirit doesn’t immediately say YES to. It means that I’ve been … [Read more...]

Seven Tech Holiday Gifts That Must Be on Your List

Seven tech holiday gifts perfect for tweens, teens, and the tech savvy guide in your life. They include memory keepers, stocking stuffers and even items for the smart home.

I recently attended a Tech and Travel event here in Atlanta sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association, Traveling Mom and Techlicious.com.  I left there feeling like a kid in Toys R Us. I went in searching for tech holiday gifts; my husband is a huge tech guy and I always need something new and cutting edge for him. I can’t tell you how many of the items I saw and decided I could use immediately. During the presentation, I realized that my search for tech  holiday gifts to wow my … [Read more...]

Wine Box Hostess Gift #PopcornParty2016


I’d like to present to you my entry for the Popcorn Box Party 2016: a Wine Bottle Holder. I created this for Fall as a hostess gift you could use for Thanksgiving or any Fall themed party that you’re invited to. In my opinion, it’s nice enough to actually use as a decoration which means that it’s not going to get pushed back into the corner with all the other wine bottles. I decided to enter the Popcorn Box Party 2016 because I’m actually an undercover crafter. I actually really enjoy … [Read more...]

Colour Hairstyle App Review – #GetColour

Colour Hairstyle App is the Uber for Hair. Check out my review.

I have received complimentary services for the purposes of this review but all opinions are mine and reflect my honest experiences.   If you haven’t heard about the Colour hairstyle app, then you’re missing out! Colour is a new on-demand hairstyling service specializing in Black women’s hair based in Atlanta. The beauty of the Colour app is that you schedule it to come to the location that is most convenient for you. Colour was created in 2016 in response to co-founder Debra Shigley’s … [Read more...]