Roc House Women’s Fitness Spa – My New Favorite Place

I recently had the opportunity to visit Roc House Women’s Fitness Spa. I have to tell you I went in a little uncertain but I LOVED this place. As the name says, it has a full in-house fitness and spa experience in one location, complete with an onsite restaurant. It’s located right in Buckhead at 3402 Piedmont Road Atlanta, GA 30305. I live outside the city but it’s easy for me to get to by jumping right off 400. How could you not love a place like that?

First off, this is a women’s only facility. No men or children allowed. It’s been designed as a location where women can inspired, stronger, fit and be pampered. The entire setting has these goals in mind with a calming space from the entrance, spa areas and locker rooms AND inspiring in the fitness areas.

The locker rooms were fabulous to get ready in. They’ve been designed with women in mind completely! Towels, shower shoes, private dressing areas, blow driers are all available for your use, so you don’t have to bring yet another bag of stuff along with you.

The fitness experience is primarily on the lower level. When you join as a member, you’re provided with a personal training session to help you focus on your goals and design a program that works just for you, so you can come in and work out at your leisure.

roc house 7

In addition to a full gym with machines, there are a variety of classes that you can take with expert level instructors. Along with a group of other bloggers, I was treated to a barre class. It was my first time in a barre class and we received a full workout. The class size was small (like all the other classes they offer) and our instructor gave us personalized attention to make sure our form was correct.

Roc House Fitness Spa Classes

I was also able to peek at a Suspension Class later and it looked like they were receiving the same level of personal attention. The variety of classes is great and I’d encourage you to look here at their Facebook page for the most current updates to classes.

The café and spa experience is on the upper level. I was treated to a mini-facial with Tamika and was so in love that I made an appointment for another one before I left. The prices are more than comparable with other spa locations. I was amazed that they offer chemical peels at only $30! I know first-hand that this is a discounted rate. The group I was with lounged in the spa waiting area for our treatments where they offer free wifi so if you really need to connect you can but is also a great place to just zone out or connect with friends.

This is the Zen lounge waiting area. How can you not relax here?

This is the Zen lounge waiting area. How can you not relax here?


The café offers food and smoothie options with the added treat of a glass of wine if that’s something you’d like.

Roc House Smoothie Options

I can only tell you that I had an awesome experience and you need to try it for yourself.  About the price, it’s much more affordable than you’d expect and there are no membership contracts. If you’re interested in a visit, there is the option of a day pass for $25 or you can comment below and I’ll see what I can do about a guest pass for you. 🙂



  1. Kaylan says

    I would love a guest pass to try this place out for a day. I live around the corner and have been hearing great things! Your article has also peaked my interest. This place seems cool!

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