Say & Pray Devotionals : Helping Young Children Learn God’s Love


When my oldest son was about 4 or 5, somehow he determined that God’s love was an exclusive item. I don’t remember how it started but he was clear that God didn’t love everybody. I’m so glad that he’s grown since that time to understand that God’s love is a gift to everybody. (Thinking about it, maybe he misunderstood on the needing to accept Jesus as your savior before you were a Christian??? It was the weirdest thing to us at the time because he was in a Christian preschool.)

Luckily, I’m not having the same issue with my younger son because we’ve encouraged him to own God’s love in a more direct way as we’re shared things with his older brother through evening prayers and his own devotional readings. Now, I can provide my younger son with his very own devotional, Say & Pray Devotionswritten at his level as a beginning reader.

The Say & Pray Devotional for Young Children makes a great gift and first devotional so young children can learn what a devotional means at their own level.

I appreciate that Say & Pray has very simple artwork and devotions so that it allows him to find his own lessons as a 4 year old. He’s learning his sight words and letter sounds so not quite a reader yet but I can see him reading these all confidently as he grows in his reading skills. I believe that before long, he’ll be able to contribute his own readings to our family devotional time.

I also think it’s incredibly important to provide children with an understanding that God is accessible to everyone and your prayers don’t have to be long. This is perfect because they scripture and prayers are ones that even the youngest child can speak and understand. I love communicating to my children that God will meet them at their level and this is perfect proof of that. 

The Say & Pray Children's Devotional has simple words perfect for children learning to read.

I love that the words are simple but provide an impact and relate to his school lessons as well. Most preschoolers are learning about helpers in the community. 

This was our first introduction to the Say & Pray family of books but for parents familiar with the Say & Pray Bible, this devotional is another familiar friend with the same simple pictures and language from bestselling children’s author Diane Stortz. Each page has simple words and phrases that share “the basics of identification and comprehension while sharing biblical principles for life. Each devotion offers a topical message to help little ones learn and follow biblical principles.”

If you’d like to have your own version, I’d like to help you with sharing God’s love to the little person in your life by entering this giveaway. The giveaway will run until Friday, November 18 so you’ll have it just in time to share for Christmas. Good luck and you can enter right below.

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If you’re looking for a version for older children, be sure to check out the Veggietales Devotional as well. This has became my older son’s favorite.


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