How to Get to Sesame Place and What to Do There

Sesame Place How to Get There

My family visited the Sesame Place amusement park in Langhone, PA during one of our summer road trips. Sesame Place is an entire theme park dedicated to the world’s most friendly street, Sesame Street and is designed for the core audience of anyone who’s ever watched Sesame Street or loved a Sesame Street character. That sounds like a broad audience but it truly fits. AND they’re celebrating their 35th birthday in 2015, so who would want to miss a birthday party! The park is a place that all guests can find something that they love.  In addition to the characters roaming the park, Sesame Place has dry rides and wet rides along with a parade and shows with all your favorite characters.  

Visiting Sesame Place? Here's the map. Check out to learn more about the park.

This is the map you receive just when you walk in that shows where all the attractions are.

Sesame Place has traditional theme park rides that are kid-friendly but just like those you’d find in a larger park. As you enter the park, the first ride you see is the Vapor Trail roller coaster. It’s a true roller coaster with plenty of turns, just most appropriate for younger children but everyone gets a thrill from riding it as well.

Sesame Place Vapor Trail

Even the youngest guests can find something that they can ride (maybe sitting on the Sunny Day Carousel ) in their parents arms while older thrill seekers can try the Honker Dinger Derby.

Sesame Place Sunny Day Carousel

Wet fun is how the park describes their water area/rides and it is a perfect description. The largest water area is the Count’s Splash Castle  with more than ninety play elements (that’s a lot to count!), including a 1,000-gallon 8-ft. tipping bucket, multiple water slides, valves, levers, water curtains, bridges, hydro blasters, bubbler jets, bongos, hose jets, water wheels and much more. There are eight other water attractions which range from the lazy Big Bird’s Rambling River  to excitement of Sky Splash.

Sesame Place Counts Splash Castle

Watching shows is a major part of the home Sesame Street experience and it’s no different at Sesame Place! A highlight of the day is the Neighborhood Birthday Party Parade. The parade brings all the Sesame Street family together for approximately 30 minutes of show down the main street.

Sesame Place Parade

The other permanent shows are Elmo the Musical, Let’s Play Together and Elmo Rocks! The show times vary during the season but there are enough times in each day that you can visit all if you’re interested. Depending on when you visit, there are also special shows with other favorite characters. When we visited, there was a live show of Mike the Knight and others on the schedule were Curious George and Imagination Movers.

A listing of all the activities and shows that are happening during the day of your visit.

A listing of all the activities and shows that are happening during the day of your visit.


The Basics to Know

  • Sesame Place is located in Langhorne, PA, approximately 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA and 90 minutes from New York City, NY.
  • Ticket price varies based on when you visit. The 2015 admission to Sesame Place for everyone 2 years and older is $65.00 when purchased at the front gate with discounted prices online. The online prices ranged from $40 for a Spring after 3pm ticket and up.
  • Parking is only available at SP owned lots and starts at $17 per day with discounts for multiple days.
  • Sesame Place allows soft-sided coolers 10″x10″x12″ or smaller in park for storage of baby formula, baby food and medically necessary items. Sealed non-alcoholic beverages and small snacks such as chips, pretzels, cookies, whole fruit, and pre-made sandwiches are also allowed.
  • You should bring/wear swimsuits to enjoy all areas during summer visits. There are full changing areas near the water attractions.

During our day at Sesame Place, we also visited most of the rides, the water area and saw Elmo Rocks and the parade twice! If you’d like to read more of our pictures and impressions of the park, you can visit here.

Sesame Place Celebrates 35 years,

Happy Birthday Sesame Place!


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