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This is the 2nd part of our visit to Sesame Place. To learn more about the first place, please visit How to Get to Sesame Place.

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My family are fans of Sesame Street and have been for a very long time. My first birthday cake was a Big Bird birthday cake even. So it’s no surprise that we loved visiting Sesame Place. This was my second visit; both my boys had their first visit right about three years old which I see as the perfect age because the rides are based on height; almost all allow riders 36” or taller to ride and those 42” to ride several things alone. However, there’s more than enough to do if you’re younger.

Biggest thing to know: Sesame Place is visiting Sesame Street brought to life. We loved seeing the Sesame Street characters at Beaches and seeing Sesame Street live but there’s no substitute for visiting Mr. Hooper’s Store or standing on the stoop in person. We even saw ELMO: The Musical Live and danced with Cookie Monster! We were also able to hug and touch most of our favorite Sesame Street friends.


The boys were busy playing. The whole picture thing was so unimportant.

The boys were busy playing. The whole picture thing was so unimportant.


Yes, they hugged Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street.

Yes, they hugged Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street.

What I loved is that this park gives my boys an adventure and empowerment even as young children. The three year old was able to ride on his first roller coaster and the seven year old was able to ride alone like a big kid. Towards the end of the day, I felt comfortable enough that they were able to ride on things together while I stood by and watched. The rides are scaled down enough for young children but they are still enough like a bigger theme park that everyone felt a little older. If we were having any struggles with being a big kid (i.e. potty training, giving up a paci, adjusting to a younger sibling), I would use this park as an incentive for being a big kid.


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There is enough variety in the park that you can really make weekend visit of it or do it in one day. My plan was do the park in a single day and I laid out our schedule based on show times, hitting the key rides and moving us along. We hit all the dry rides and played a little in the wet areas before the end of the day. However, we had such a good time that I decided to make it a second day as we were leaving. Sesame Place makes this very easy for you and they’ll let you upgrade your tickets at the end of the day at guest services. The second day we visited more of our favorites and spent more time in the water fun.


Bottom line: We loved Sesame Place and really can’t wait to visit again. I’m sure as my sons grow they won’t have the same attachment to the characters but I do believe there are enough thrill rides that my family would love to visit for many years. We just won’t spend as much time in the shows or the parades. I saw several multi-generational families visiting and all ages seemed to be enjoying the fun.


HB4TFamTravel Sesame Place

Check back soon because I’m working on a video with all of our pictures from both days to show you what we really experienced! But until then, here’s Elmo and Cookie Monster showing off their moves at the Disco during ELMO The Musical. 

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