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Ever since our trip to the Nick Hotel, my boys feel as if the Nickelodeon family of characters are part of their family! It was one of our first trips of the year and among the most memorable.

Nick Hotel

Of course, after seeing the commercials for the new SpongeBob Movie, my 6 year old ran in and asked me “Will you take me to the the Spongebob Movie on February 6? It’s in 3-D.” (That’s a direct quote from this morning.) He isn’t the only one in our family looking forward to it. I’m interested myself. The soundtrack is produced by N.E.R.D and the first single, “Squeeze Me” is available on iTunes and seems like it’s going to be in heavy rotation on our station of choice in the car, Kids Place Live!

What I didn’t tell him and I’m sharing with you is that I have passes for a special Atlanta screening of the SpongeBob Movie that I’m ready to share with 5  families! Each package is good for 4 passes to the movie on Saturday, January 31 at an Atlanta location. If you’re interested in winning, just enter below. Good luck, I hope to see you there. In the meantime, here’s a trailer so you can get just as excited too!

SpongeBob Movie Atlanta Screening


  1. Talela says

    My kids would love to see this movie! It’s all they have been talking about since they saw the first commercial.

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