To My Girls: I Can’t Wait to See You at BlogHer’14

BlogHer14 See you there

  I am so excited to be going to #BlogHer14 because I get to see some of the coolest girls I know. I am not super great about keeping up with them offline (and they might not feel the same love for me) but I still consider them my girls and love the hugs & quick conversations we share in passing at conferences or the presentations that they give and make the whole room think about.  Blog conferences make me a better person because I connect with these women and they make me think, … [Read more...]

Fearless Friday – 1/17

video winner

I'm starting a new feature on my blog, Fearless Friday. It's just what it says, Friday's are the days when my blog posts are dedicated being fearless and opening myself up. What better way to start then by sharing a very first vlog. I created it for the 2013 BlogHerLicious Vlog contest. This was scary for me to create (and why it's been under wraps). Guess what happened? Yes, I know there's is tons that I would do differently but because I was fearless and did it, I won full … [Read more...]