3 Reasons for Going to Blogging Conferences & The ONE You Must Go To!!

These are the ones I plan on attending so far.

I’m right at the edge of a busy season for my family. This year, I'm planning on going to seven conferences. All but one of them are blogging conferences. A few I will be returning to and a few are new to me. Most people don’t really understand blogger conferences. Bloggers get conferences but don’t always understand why six conferences? My primary reasons for going to conferences are that I always learn something new, meet great people and get inspired. I think each conference has their own … [Read more...]

Fearless Friday – 1/17

video winner

I'm starting a new feature on my blog, Fearless Friday. It's just what it says, Friday's are the days when my blog posts are dedicated being fearless and opening myself up. What better way to start then by sharing a very first vlog. I created it for the 2013 BlogHerLicious Vlog contest. This was scary for me to create (and why it's been under wraps). Guess what happened? Yes, I know there's is tons that I would do differently but because I was fearless and did it, I won full … [Read more...]

Creative Coaching with Ananda Leeke & Mind Right Mondays


Inspired by OkDani and a creativity coaching session with the wonderful Ananda Leeke at Blogalicious5, this is my inaugural (but long overdue) Mind Right Monday.   Working with Ananda was another wonderful and powerful opportunity provided by Blogalicious5. During our session, we were able to work on creativity coaching related to my blog. Ananda was incredibly supportive and empowering because she understood where I was/am with my blog and where I’m going along with all the other headbands I’m … [Read more...]

The WhirlWind is Over – A Giveway of Disney Glow With the Show Ears


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. I attended the Type A Conference and then Blogalicious5. I’ve already shared how amazing both of those conferences were. I learned so much and can’t wait for next year to visit them again. They have really helped me feel like I’m a real blogger. In addition to those conferences, last week the kindergartner had a week off for Fall Break (a new concept for me but okay). We spent a few days as day tourist and visited some of our favorite places … [Read more...]

Blogalicious5 A Great Experience My Way


Blogalicious5 is officially over but in no way do I think the experience is over. I went into the weekend not knowing quite I was going to get.  I am very new to the blogging world and didn’t have many “friends” walking into Blogalicious so I was a little nervous. On the other side, I confidently say it was a great experience and I will be back as often as I can. I’m really excited to hear where it will be since I know I’m going next year (I’ve won a pass for next year!!!) and I’m already … [Read more...]

The Blogalicious5 Swag Bag – OMG! Wanna Know What’s In It TONIGHT?

I'm a member of the Blogalicious 5 Social Squad also known as the volunteer crew. So today, we stuffed the swag bags and I'm sure you'd like to know what is up in them, right?!?!? Keep reading. This year, Blogalicious has some fabulous sponsors who I think I'm most interested in connecting with. I've had relationships with most of them already and can't wait to try out the others. Here's the recap of who they are. The title sponsor, Kia Motors, is providing Ride and Drives. If you know what's … [Read more...]

One Down, One to Go – Welcome to Atlanta Blogalicious5!

spent this weekend at Type-A Conference and it was amazing. I don't know that I went in knowing exactly what I was getting into but I left the weekend with so much.The people were really great. The sessions were (mostly) so informative. I learned tons. I was inspired. I was focused. I partied with great food, drinks and music. I got great swag (and my kids did too at Kid-Con). I made connections for I every area of my life. I got tech support (shout out to BrothaTech) when my phone died 30 … [Read more...]