My Top 5 Takeaways From #BlogHer14

5 TakeAways From Blogher14 (3)

I came back from BlogHer tired and refreshed at the same time. At the end of Saturday night when we walked at home, my new blogging BFF asked me what the best takeaway was and I told her meeting you. And she totally called me out for being so sappy. It sounds just as silly now when I typed it out but here are my serious five best takeaways. A cross-country flight with two young children was worth 90 minutes of seeing my girls.  I wrote this post earlier and I got to see most of my girls. Plus … [Read more...]

Improving Maternal Health – #MerckforMothers at #BlogHer14


I recently attended a special conversation hosted by the Merck for Mothers program. I went because I’m a mother and spend a lot of time with other mothers (hello, mommy to two young children!) so I wanted learn more about this project. Merck for Mothers is a 10-year, $500 million initiative focused on creating a world where no woman dies giving life. We are committed to using our business and scientific expertise to improve maternal health and are already working in more than 30 countries … [Read more...]

Monsanto is Evil – Respect My Right to Make Up MY OWN Mind

Monsanto FB picture

One of the best things about this blogworld is that I hear people’s stories and I learn more about people while I get to hear my stories. Sometimes, they’re simple issues and stories like a snow day. Other times, they’re larger and more complex. Sunday morning after BlogHer14 officially finished, I was pulled into one of those larger and more complex stories by attending a brunch with a group of women, including two farmers, sponsored by Monsanto. I know, they’re the big bad company that has … [Read more...]

I’m Not Outraged over Bad Swag at BlogHer: Am I a Bad Parent?

This was the "clinical introduction" of their speaker at BlogHer. It totally fit and many of the moms in the room were laughing. I didn't even hear anyone mention outrage when I was there.

I actually was an attendee at this year’s BlogHer and when I opened the “prescription for laughter” envelope that’s making everyone so crazy by Bright Starts, I tossed them to the side. I looked at them, got the connection to their Baby Laugh Index marketing campaign and thought to myself, “Red Hots? Not really for me.” I haven’t finished unpacking so I might have thrown them out but I didn’t think much of it. I will say that I loved their toys and learning about the Baby Laugh … [Read more...]

A Baby is God’s Greatest Miracle – The Importance of #NewbornScreening

While I’m excited about tons of events this weekend at #BlogHer14, one that I’m most excited about is the BlogHer and The Baby Ladies BlogHer Baby Shower featuring Save Babies Through Screening and Baby’s First Test. Before my friend IRL get asking, NO this is not an announcement!. The Baby Ladies Baby Shower has partnered with two amazing organizations, Save Babies Through Screening and Baby’s First Test to help spread the word about newborn screening. Those first days in the hospital as you … [Read more...]

Going Home and Creating Memories


I shared that I was going to #Blogher14 but I didn't share that I was here for two weeks because my father lives here. I was born here but rarely come to the West Coast anymore. For all of the travel we do, we usually are vacationing and it's easier for my parents to come to me so I never go home. But I'm home now. I realize that I had been running from these visits because of the memories they held. I hung out with a girlfriend I'd known for more than 30 years. That's history. It was so … [Read more...]

To My Girls: I Can’t Wait to See You at BlogHer’14

BlogHer14 See you there

  I am so excited to be going to #BlogHer14 because I get to see some of the coolest girls I know. I am not super great about keeping up with them offline (and they might not feel the same love for me) but I still consider them my girls and love the hugs & quick conversations we share in passing at conferences or the presentations that they give and make the whole room think about.  Blog conferences make me a better person because I connect with these women and they make me think, … [Read more...]