VeggieTales Every Day with God Kids Devotional Book #Giveaway #EveryDayWithGod


Part of our homeschool routine each day is starting off with reading from a kids devotional and my son would like you to know that his new favorite is Every Day with God from VeggieTales. We were using another one but he prefers this as a kids devotional because “it’s short and talks about God.” I wish I could tell you that he loves learning from it or so much more but that was his reasoning and I can’t argue with his honest opinion. From my perspective as a parent, it’s a pretty … [Read more...]

The Read It-Watch It Summer Reading List – #GASummerRead

Read it watch it summer reading list blog post

My oldest has taken after both his father and I with a love of reading and a love of movies. Keeping his interests in mind, I’ve developed a slightly different reading list for this summer. It’s the Read It/Watch It Summer Reading List. All the books on this list are available as movies too. In a quick search, most are available via Netflix. Our plan is to read the book and talk about our favorite parts, then watch the movie and compare to see which one we liked best. I hope that this early … [Read more...]