My Son is Just as Much as a Treasure as Your Daughter

My Son is Just As Much A Treasure As Your Daughter Blog

Every Prom season, I love seeing all the pretty pictures of the girls in their dresses and guys dressed up so handsomely in their tuxes. I know one day my sons will be those dapperly dressed boys. But there’s one picture I’ve seen making the rounds that I just can’t like. I think the girl is very pretty but the dad? That’s a whole different story. I get that this is a joke and the girl is laughing. I also understand that’s it a play on an old pop culture joke but given the current era … [Read more...]

Beating the Boring School Lunch Blues

Boring School Lunches

We’re only in our second week of school and I have the “I’m bored with making this lunch” blues. My son only wants peanut butter & jelly as the centerpiece. I can vary the sides but he really only wants a PB&J sandwich. He’s very boring. I’m sure this is only my problem but in case it’s not, I’m happy to announce a giveaway that can take away my blues. Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs has totally shown me (and him) how cool a Bento Lunchbox can be. I’ve even ordered the supplies … [Read more...]

A Simple Transformers Themed Birthday Party

transformer themed birthday party

      I recently hosted a Transformer themed birthday party for my son. He had a great time and was able to celebrate with all his friends. But compared to parties past, I kept this really simple. I didn’t have a ton of energy after my husband’s party the week before. I also realized that he really didn’t need all that. He only wanted his friends and a few cool toys. Here are the details on how I made it happen: Invitation I kept it very simple and created an … [Read more...]

#100HappyDays & 50 Things That Make ME Happy

100 Happy days Challenge

  If you haven’t heard of it, there’s a challenge that asks people to share a picture of what makes them happy for 100 days. You can officially register on the website and they track your progress. They do ask that you use a hashtag for tracking. The official one is #100HappyDays but you can even create your own if you want to limit the public sharing of your pictures. The full details are here at I accepted the challenge but now my phone is broke, so I’m a little … [Read more...]

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor – Four Things to Know Before You Go

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Things to Know Before You Go

  As a kickoff for Juneabration, the kindergartener and I visited Six Flags for their Hurricane Harbor Media Day. We were invited to be among the first to try out the new waterpark area. Our thoughts: It was awesome! We are even considering season passes just so we can go back to visit Hurricane Harbor as much as we want. Hurricane Harbor is the largest expansion in the parks history and covers 7 acres with no extra admission fee and plenty of activities for the whole family. The key … [Read more...]

Juneabration #2 – Birthday Number 6

Birthday Collage

And just like that, I’m now the mother of a 6 year old! I have to officially change his name here on the blog. He is no longer the kindergartner but the first grader. To celebrate, we had an amazing Transformer themed birthday party with his friends. Juneabration Number 2 is in the books! At 6, the first grader is awesome and I’m so awed with so many things he does. He has a crazy rationalization process. I don’t know if mine was so evolved at his age but he definitely expresses what he sees … [Read more...]

Mommy to Two Young Children – Mommy and Me Monday

Mommy and Me Monday

This week I was working on my bio for a project and trying to merge a personal one with a professional one. It was a little bit of a challenge because I try to keep things professional and separate. "Mommy to two young children" doesn't exactly scream PROFESSIONAL! But for this project, being a mommy was only an asset. It was an asset because it gave me a unique point of view that I'm sure not many other people can mimic. In honor of that challenge, I decided that I'd participate in my friend … [Read more...]