Wordless Wednesday – Big Guys & Little Guy

Bass Pro Shop

I was looking through some pictures for a big event next week in our family  and I found these from our Thanksgiving vacation. These are truly among my favorites because they include my husband, the baby's godfather and the baby. They'll be showing him things for a lifetime, so I thought these are most appropriate to share.           … [Read more...]

New Year, New Address


I've been a little silent lately but that's because I was packing for a new move. Well, I'm now proud to announce that I've moved! I made the big move from Blogger to a self-hosted Wordpress site. I hope you like the new place. I'm still unpacking and learning all the new features of WordPress but I have tons of new things to share with you. 1) I have three giveaways that are coming up in the areas of food, fashion and fun! 2) I'm adding to my social media presence. I'm going to join the … [Read more...]

What President Obama Wants Me to Tell You About The Affordable Care Act (ACA) – #GetCovered


On December 4, I was invited to a White House Youth Summit to share what I’ve learned about the Affordable CareAct (ACA) with you, the readers of my blog! It was an amazing experience both personally and professionally.  I learned so much that day about the ACA but here are two of the biggest things President Obama wanted me to share. Yes, the President did talk directly to me. JACA is about providing quality care to everyone. For those of us who are currently covered by health insurance, there … [Read more...]

My Secret is Out!


In addition to being Type-A, I’m also Blogalicious (not to be confused with bootylicious)! Blogalicious is the next blogger conference that I’m attending. It’s here in Atlanta as well as but it is next week. Blogalicious is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year and it’s my first time going so I’m very excited.  Part of my secret is admitting my history with Blogalicious is a long one because I remember the 1st one here in Atlanta. I really wanted to go but my blog then was so new that I … [Read more...]

Creating a Bucket List

This month, I’m participating in a 31 day blogging challenge. I’m doing good to excellent. I’ve missed a few days but I have put in serious effort to make it. One of the other bloggers, Ms. Rae, listed 29 prompts for inspiration. I like number 17 best, “Tell us about seven things on your bucket list.” Then I realized I don’t really have a bucket list! I’ve started a few years ago but I don’t really keep it moving. In the spirit of that post, I’m starting my bucket list right now. My Bucket … [Read more...]