VeggieTales Every Day with God Kids Devotional Book #Giveaway #EveryDayWithGod


Part of our homeschool routine each day is starting off with reading from a kids devotional and my son would like you to know that his new favorite is Every Day with God from VeggieTales. We were using another one but he prefers this as a kids devotional because “it’s short and talks about God.” I wish I could tell you that he loves learning from it or so much more but that was his reasoning and I can’t argue with his honest opinion. From my perspective as a parent, it’s a pretty … [Read more...]

He Named Me Malala


Next week, I’m attending the premiere of He Named Me Malala and I’d love for you to join me, right from the comfort of our own homes. It will be airing commercial-free on Monday, February 29 on the National Geographic channel at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT. I am excited for this home viewing because I’ve had several opportunities to view the movie in theaters, I don’t know if I was ready to see the full-story and address the full range of emotions that I’m sure I’ll have. He Named Me Malala is the … [Read more...]

How to Practice Self-Compassion – #1000Speak


Today I’m honored to join bloggers all over the world in raising their voices for compassion today. I jumped right into it because I think the world needs a little more compassion or as I like to think of it grace for each other. Being totally honest, I am not always the most compassionate person. I think I am but I don’t extend it equally and I sometimes forget this compassion when it comes to those who I perceived who have wronged me in some way. I know that usually something that happens … [Read more...]

Living #Kwanzaa


Today is the final day of Kwanzaa. This is the first year that I've broadly shared it and I feel like I need to clarify a few things. First off, it's not a new or trendy thing for me and my family. My Kwanzaa celebrations go way back. Personally, my family has not had the most boring year. My family has grown with a new baby. My husband and I both lost people close to us this year but we also are continuing to celebrate the wonderful times we spent with our family and friends. The circle of … [Read more...]

Celebrating Kwanzaa

Celebrating  Kwanzaa (2)

I’m laying out my holiday plans and this year, I’m adding into Kwanzaa to the celebrations. This will not be my first time celebrating Kwanzaa; it’s a family tradition from way before I was even born literally. However, I realize that most people don’t know the basics so here’s my primer for Kwanzaa 101. I need to add just like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter or lots of other holidays there are different understanding and family traditions of how people celebrate. These are all based upon … [Read more...]

Holiday Celebrations: My Family’s Kwanzaa Traditions


Kwanzaa was such a part of my family holiday traditions growing up that I’m almost ashamed to say that this will be the first year I’m really going to make it the celebration as I knew it. For my family at the heart of the Kwanzaa traditions is the celebration of family, community and culture. Most years, we celebrated Kwanzaa in California at my aunt’s house because she was the elder. Since the tradition is older than me, I’m not sure how it began but either she or my mother would setup a … [Read more...]

God as the Ultimate Sponsor

God as the Ultimate Sponsor

Like most of my blog posts I’ve been working on this one in my mind for a few weeks. It came to me as I was getting the boys ready for the day our first day in Turks and Caicos for Beaches Moms.  I have to tell you about my relationship with God. Yes, God. It came to me that while I’ve known God for a long time, I haven’t shared how much I appreciate the role God plays in my family’s life. Sounds like a funny beginning right ? but it’s how I tend to begin my conversations and thoughts about … [Read more...]