How to Get Fit in 2017: Top 5 Products to Put in Your Gym Bag

How to Get Fit in 2017 The Top 5 Products for Your Gym Bag From

If you want a friend who will keep you on track in terms of fitness and wellness, it would most certainly be Dani Faust from She and I have been friends since the 2014 BlogHer conference when we went to get our toes done. Our relationship has only grown over that time and she’s great about motivating me just in our daily conversations. Dani is my fitness advice friend because she lives it all the time. She’s a Beachbody coach and fitness is a part of her life but she’s always … [Read more...]

2016 Life Goals: Starting 2016 Running

2016 Life Goals Get Moving More

My family (my boys and I with dad as the official photographer!) literally started the year off running by participating in the Atlanta Track Club’s 2016 Resolution Run. If you know me, I don’t really run. Over the years, I’ve said I was going to start and even worked up to running a mile using the Couch to 5K program. However in 2016, my 7 year old is going to turn me into a runner. The real reason why I’m going to become a runner is because he’s a Kilometer Kids with the Atlanta Track Club. … [Read more...]

The No More Excuses Diet Book: Fatshaming or Tough-Love Motivation?


My personal theme for this year is Make It Happen. I haven’t done everything that I’ve wanted to do but I am making some changes and things are surely happening in my house. Of course, weight loss is on that list so when I was offered the chance to review The No More Excuses Diet by Maria Kang as part of the From Left to Write virtual book club, I did it right away. Like my wordplay there? Maria Kang might be best known as the mom that people loved to hate last year because of her post on … [Read more...]

Field To Table Farm Exploration – #MeetVeggies


For a city girl like me, standing in fields of fresh tomatoes and being able to pick vegetables off the vine for a truly field to table lesson was a bucket list experience I didn’t know I wanted to have. It was the perfect ending to a full year of learning when I was invited to visit to the Vegetable Field Day in December. I started this process during BlogHer14 when I attended a luncheon with Monsanto and left with more than a few questions. I was happy to share this day with a group of … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – Dirty Girl Mud Run

I was given a free registration code to enter the race but all opinions are my own. One of the best things about blogging is that you get to meet some really great bloggers and we talk. A month ago, we were talking about the Dirty Girl Mud Run and it sounds like fun, so I’m in! Now this fits with my goals of getting fit  but I'm sure that this was how I planned to do it. I'll a little hesitant  but hey, if I'm not challenging myself then I should be right? This year’s Dirty Girl Mud Run … [Read more...]

Tennis Anyone – The Follow-Up

The last few weeks I've been participating in the Atlanta Tennis Association's Tennis Apprentice program. It has been a great experience so far. The program provided me with a racquet, lessons, USTA member and winter league registration for only $49. It's helping build my goal of being more active and fit. There are about 20 people in the class and most of us are true beginners, so there are lots of missed serves, air balls and baseball style hits. This releases a lot of the pressure you might … [Read more...]

Git Up, Git Out – We did a 5K this morning!

This morning I woke up early with the intention of doing a little work (the kind that pays my bills) before starting the day. The baby also woke up soon after me and decided that he wanted to cuddle. I knew at that point I wasn’t going to have any peace, so we got up, got dressed and headed to the track. The baby and I did a 5k (actually 3.5 miles)!He had his Cheerios in his cup, a cool breeze as I pushed his stroller along and plenty of people to watch, all this and he was good. I did miss my … [Read more...]