Tennis Anyone??


One of the areas of my life that I really need to work on is the fitness part. I’ve been doing some walking, moving towards the running for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon and I’ve also decided to pick up tennis.  US Tennis Association (USTA) Atlanta is running the Tennis Apprentice program at several areas around Atlanta and I figured what better time to take a class? The class meets for 6 weeks and provides a racquet, USTA Membership, USTA League Registration & an End of the Year Party/Round … [Read more...]

Six months later…We changed our lives.


Yesterday marked six months since my husband was diagnosed with a subarachnoid hemorrhage. As an update, he’s doing really great. He was expected to be out six to eight weeks but it ended up being out for 14 weeks. He did start to drive after 9 weeks. We were able to pay all the bills (Thank you God!).  He still has occasional headaches but has learned how to manage his stress better. The doctors were never able to diagnose the root cause of his hemorrhage but his life risk of another one is … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Running


 I’m all about challenges. The latest one is completing the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in February 2014. This will be my second time attempting it. (The first time I would have been about 6 months pregnant so I dropped out.) The flaw in this plan is that I didn’t register in time and now the only registrations available are those from charity organizations. For these entries, I’d have to fundraise from $600 and up in addition to the $160 entry fee. I’m undecided if it’s truly worth it.  I … [Read more...]