Dining Out & Supporting No Kid Hungry with Ted’s Montana Grill


Every day 1 in 5 children in America don’t get the food they need. As a number, that’s 16 million children who are hungry. Food insecurity is never an issue for my family but when I think about the children who are/were in my children’s classes, there is a strong chance that they might need a little extra support. It’s a big issue that makes me incredibly thankful for organizations like Share Our Strength and their partners like Ted’s Montana Grill who are participating in the Dine Out for No … [Read more...]

Zucchini Noodle Stir-Fry – #UltmateRecipeChallege #Pasta

Low Cal Vegan Friendly Zucchini Noodle StirFry Headband For Today

I’ve joined together with some of my blogger friends for the Ultimate Recipe Challenge again this month and our theme is pasta. I love these challenges because they make me think about how to showcase my family’s favorite meals with the theme ingredient. (Check out the link-up from March – The theme ingredient was Potatoes and there was so much diversity in the recipes prepared!)   For this pasta challenge, I went a little non-traditional and used zucchini to make this quick and … [Read more...]

Seven Earth Day Snacks

Seven Earth Day Snacks From Headband For Today

This week both my boys have been talking about reduce, reuse and recycle in honor of Earth Day. It’s pretty cute to hear a 3 year old talk about taking care of the Earth so he can “give it to my grandpa.” I’m guessing he might have gotten that turned around and the teacher said something about giving it his grandchildren. Whatever the case, I’m glad they’re getting started on the path to thinking about being responsible citizens early. I’m sure preschool classes are much more excited about … [Read more...]

Mini Hashbrown Cups – Ultimate Recipe Challenge

Mini Hashbrown Cups

Challenge: Potatoes Earlier this month, a group of my blogging buddies came up with the wonderful idea to provide an ingredient and we’d all create our own recipes. It was kind of like “Chopped” with the secret ingredient except it’s in your own kitchen, no one’s judging and if you make a mistake, you can do it again. Okay, so maybe it’s nothing like Chopped; it was still fun! My entry is this recipe Mini Hashbrown Cups. A friend shared them at a brunch last year and I didn’t recreate them … [Read more...]

Four Steps to Go From Soccer Team Mom to Coach Mom

Four Steps to Going from Team Mom to Coach Mom

This spring, I’m trading in my #TeamMom headband for #CoachMom headband. Yep, I’m coaching the soccer team for the little one and I realized that I have given over all my Saturday mornings for the next 8 weeks. I’m a little overwhelmed by this development but when I signed up on a whim (I was asked when I signed them up), I figured “How hard can it be? They’re preschoolers. ” I realized that this is going to be a big difference so here are four ways I’m going to set us up for success. First, … [Read more...]

The No More Excuses Diet Book: Fatshaming or Tough-Love Motivation?


My personal theme for this year is Make It Happen. I haven’t done everything that I’ve wanted to do but I am making some changes and things are surely happening in my house. Of course, weight loss is on that list so when I was offered the chance to review The No More Excuses Diet by Maria Kang as part of the From Left to Write virtual book club, I did it right away. Like my wordplay there? Maria Kang might be best known as the mom that people loved to hate last year because of her post on … [Read more...]

Field To Table Farm Exploration – #MeetVeggies


For a city girl like me, standing in fields of fresh tomatoes and being able to pick vegetables off the vine for a truly field to table lesson was a bucket list experience I didn’t know I wanted to have. It was the perfect ending to a full year of learning when I was invited to visit to the Vegetable Field Day in December. I started this process during BlogHer14 when I attended a luncheon with Monsanto and left with more than a few questions. I was happy to share this day with a group of … [Read more...]