5 Ways to Not Lose Your Sparkle in 2017

How Not to Lose Your Sparkle in 2017!

At the beginning of the year, we’re all so excited about the promise of the new start and we make all sorts of plans for what we’re going to do but somehow things just fizzle out, my friend Najah is giving tips on how not to lose that sparkle. Najah Drakes is the Chief Design Officer of DiviniCo, LLC, my Spelman sister, a boy mom (five times!) and the one who I literally send out an SOS to when I’m over it with homeschooling. She is one of those women who I totally admire because she’s able … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Friendship Day & Connect Better

Celebrate National Friendship Day & Connect Better!

Being a good friend can sometimes be a challenge at this point in my life. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling this summer and when I haven’t been gone, I’m trying to catch up on the things that I’ve missed while being gone. Not to mention, I’m always busy with my family and working…so that I have to admit I’ve been sending messages to friends saying “we need to connect”. FTD was so kind as to help me out with by reminding me that August 7 is National Friendship Day and it’s the perfect reason … [Read more...]

The Sandals Foundation at #BeachesMoms

Adam Stewart Quote

My family had an amazing time at Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos. You can read more about our trip here.  However, one of the things that made me love it even more was learning about the Sandals Foundation. The Sandals Foundation is the reflection of the Stewart Family’s love for their home in Caribbean and their way of reaching out to their extended family. Adam Stewart, is the CEO of Sandals Resorts International (SRI) but also has made the Sandals Foundation a priority by choosing to serve as … [Read more...]

Beating the Boring School Lunch Blues

Boring School Lunches

We’re only in our second week of school and I have the “I’m bored with making this lunch” blues. My son only wants peanut butter & jelly as the centerpiece. I can vary the sides but he really only wants a PB&J sandwich. He’s very boring. I’m sure this is only my problem but in case it’s not, I’m happy to announce a giveaway that can take away my blues. Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs has totally shown me (and him) how cool a Bento Lunchbox can be. I’ve even ordered the supplies … [Read more...]

Loving to Brush with the Oral-B Disney Timer App


This paid post is brought to you by the new free Oral-B Disney Timer App as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. We’re right at the beginning of our spring break and this post is brought to you from Orlando, FL. Notice I didn’t say sunny; it’s only 63 here during the day but I digress. My kids are having a great time and so is our little friend who hangs with us on a fairly regular basis. This time her mom is even along for the fun. The kids have been so excited to do everything … [Read more...]

Editing My Life

With all the things that I do, I really don’t feel like I do many that are only for me and my enjoyment. I spend a lot more time than I would like (I’m working on ending this) doing this that I HAVE to do or have committed to do on behalf of an organization. The things that I really I want to do or would like to do (reading a book or getting a pedicure for example), I don’t get a chance to do. I told my husband that I edit about 60% of the things that I want/am supposed to do. A perfect … [Read more...]

Thank you for a new day

Untitled event

Yesterday, I was just in generally cranky mood. It's just like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed but I know that's because I had only 3 hours of sleep the night before, have a laundry list of things to do on my to-do list and someone was messing with my husband. I was just in a funky mood! Today, I just completed one of the items on my to-do list by visiting some other blogs and I feel so great! I had friends who shared some really nice things on their blogs to make my life better … [Read more...]