Wordless Wednesday – Big Guys & Little Guy

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I was looking through some pictures for a big event next week in our family  and I found these from our Thanksgiving vacation. These are truly among my favorites because they include my husband, the baby's godfather and the baby. They'll be showing him things for a lifetime, so I thought these are most appropriate to share.           … [Read more...]

So how was your holiday????


This is such a loaded question for me. The standard answer is “Oh, it was nice. I spent time with my family and we just rested up.” It just speaks to the love and peace and joy of the season. And those years when you weren't responsible for creating the joy of the season for your family...See below. The real answer is it was nice and I did spend time with my family. I had to because we were exhausted from the first half of December. Just as a recap, The baby and I traveled to the White House in … [Read more...]

Review of Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, Inc. (INK),- Gainesville, GA


We recently visited the Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, Inc. (INK), what I think is one of the best kept secrets for children’s museums in the Atlanta area. Okay, so being in Gainesville, GA might make it a little outside of the Atlanta area but it was more than worth the hour drive. We might not have made the trek if a friend hadn’t moved the area and invited us up for a playdate. The first thing about INK is that it is really a full neighborhood. There are exhibits for a post office, … [Read more...]

Swimming at the Y


Okay, so I have great people in my life. I admit it (and hopefully tell these people often). Last week, I spent some time at the Buckhead Y with the baby boy. It was really great for a few reasons. 1) The Y is nice! I called my husband and told him that the baby and I liked it so we'd be joining. The rest of the family is open to if they'd like but the baby and I are!2) It was one-on-one time with the baby. I spend so much time with all the different headbands in my life that I really don't … [Read more...]