Why the ACA is NOT Responsible for Everything Wrong with Healthcare


This is a break from my Fearless Friday series but I think it's important to share. News Flash : The ACA is not why your employer is making every change to have they provide coverage; YOUR EMPLOYER IS!!! How the purchase and writing of a health insurance policy works is similar to how your own homeowner or car insurance policies work. I might say I want to cover the whole house but not add a rider for my furs or art. My sister might add riders for her art, furs and flood insurance. We shop … [Read more...]

How 1/2 mile and 10 years Led to a Full Circle Moment

Google Map with hat

  Last year, I was invited to the White House and it really represented one of those full circle moments in my life. It hit me as I was waiting to be processed through the 1) White House security along with 2) other youth influencers to attend a 3) White House Summit on the Affordable Care Act that I was really living my dream in that moment. The icing on the cake is that I was invited as a private citizen and I flew up for the day with the baby. It was a dream that I never would … [Read more...]

What President Obama Wants Me to Tell You About The Affordable Care Act (ACA) – #GetCovered


On December 4, I was invited to a White House Youth Summit to share what I’ve learned about the Affordable CareAct (ACA) with you, the readers of my blog! It was an amazing experience both personally and professionally.  I learned so much that day about the ACA but here are two of the biggest things President Obama wanted me to share. Yes, the President did talk directly to me. JACA is about providing quality care to everyone. For those of us who are currently covered by health insurance, there … [Read more...]