Five Party Themes Sure to Please Any Little Girl

Five Birthday Parties for Girls

While I spent last week recapping all the birthdays for #Juneabration in my house, I realized that I really could go for a little more sugar and spice in my birthday party planning. Luckily, my friends are all about the sugar and spices. Here’s a round-up of parties that made my heart melt. Krysten, mommy to the lovely B who I was holding on The Today Show, hosted this Breakfast and Pajamas First Birthday Party. It’s not totally girly but just a neat party theme. I’ve wanted to do … [Read more...]

A Simple Transformers Themed Birthday Party

transformer themed birthday party

      I recently hosted a Transformer themed birthday party for my son. He had a great time and was able to celebrate with all his friends. But compared to parties past, I kept this really simple. I didn’t have a ton of energy after my husband’s party the week before. I also realized that he really didn’t need all that. He only wanted his friends and a few cool toys. Here are the details on how I made it happen: Invitation I kept it very simple and created an … [Read more...]

40th Birthday Mustache Bash – #Juneabration Recap

40th Birthday Mustache Bash

The first recap for my #Juneabration was my husband’s 40th birthday. This was a hard one because my husband really didn’t want a birthday party but I wanted him to have an awesome one! To keep things easy, I kept most of the plans secret from him. I only asked him for a guest list (since one of his requirements was “I want my friends, not your friends there”), did he want the kids there (“yes”) and what he wanted to eat (he was open.) With that in mind, I began planning a party to … [Read more...]

Construction Themed Birthday Party


One of the things I've alluded to with my #Juneabration is that we had tons of birthday parties around my house. I'm still recovering from all the parties and working on my recaps for you but my friend Stephanie from over at Spaceships and Laser Beams is getting us started with a party perfect for my two year old who loooveesss the outside! Here are the details for you.      Little guys love to play with trucks and they love to play in dirt! That combo equals a great boy birthday … [Read more...]

A Summer Read: How To Kill a Romance Writer

  Since it's been a #Juneabration, I have to admit that my birthday was earlier in the month. I didn't do a whole lot but I did take a few days to catch up on a summer read. In my pre-mommy life, I spent a good amount of a reading. Here is a book giveaway that I'm sharing with you to help you get in a sizzling summer read as well. You can win a Kindle Paperwhite that will help you keep up your reading all year long! Title: How to Kill a Romance Writer Author: Jacy Oliver … [Read more...]

Earth to Echo Review

et v echo

My family had the pleasure of attending a red carpet prescreening of the movie, Earth to Echo. As a quick summary, it’s a family adventure movie centering on three friends who are being forced to move because of a highway construction project. The boys start receiving strange messages on their phones and set out on an adventure to find the source of messages which leads the group to Echo, an alien who’s been stranded on Earth. That’s the basic story but there is a bit more to the story. I was … [Read more...]

Lessons from #DisneyOTR at Home

lessons from disney otr

    Hashtags are the most legit way to eavesdrop ever. #flyonthewall #DisneySMMoms #DisneySMMomsOTR — Pilar Clark (@daspilar) June 17, 2014 OMG, this is a phrase after my own heart!  I wish I could say that I heard it but truthfully, I was eavesdropping on the Disney On-The-Road Social Media Moms Celebration. I was invited and planning to go but through a series of mishaps, I didn’t make it. Here’s the agenda and speakers for the day; who wouldn’t want to be there? I did … [Read more...]