Celebrate National Friendship Day & Connect Better

Celebrate National Friendship Day & Connect Better!

Being a good friend can sometimes be a challenge at this point in my life. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling this summer and when I haven’t been gone, I’m trying to catch up on the things that I’ve missed while being gone. Not to mention, I’m always busy with my family and working…so that I have to admit I’ve been sending messages to friends saying “we need to connect”. FTD was so kind as to help me out with by reminding me that August 7 is National Friendship Day and it’s the perfect reason … [Read more...]

How to Practice Self-Compassion – #1000Speak


Today I’m honored to join bloggers all over the world in raising their voices for compassion today. I jumped right into it because I think the world needs a little more compassion or as I like to think of it grace for each other. Being totally honest, I am not always the most compassionate person. I think I am but I don’t extend it equally and I sometimes forget this compassion when it comes to those who I perceived who have wronged me in some way. I know that usually something that happens … [Read more...]

Mother to 2 Black Men – #NMOS14


This is a departure from my normal topics and tone but it's one that's on my heart and I care about as much as anything else I share on here. Maybe even a little more.  Tonight, I will participate in the National Moment of Silence (#NMOS14). I can up with 25 reasons why I shouldn’t off the top of my head but I keep circling back to reasons why I should. I pride myself on being a mother. It’s not my greatest accomplishment but it is one of my favorites. I’m a Mocha Mom, I’m a mommy blogger, … [Read more...]

#100HappyDays & 50 Things That Make ME Happy

100 Happy days Challenge

  If you haven’t heard of it, there’s a challenge that asks people to share a picture of what makes them happy for 100 days. You can officially register on the website and they track your progress. They do ask that you use a hashtag for tracking. The official one is #100HappyDays but you can even create your own if you want to limit the public sharing of your pictures. The full details are here at 100HappyDays.com. I accepted the challenge but now my phone is broke, so I’m a little … [Read more...]

Four Ways to Have a Great #DisneySide Party


It’s been so cold here in Atlanta and my family is ready for spring to get here soon! We especially can’t wait until Spring Break because we’re going to Walt Disney World in a few weeks for the TypeA Parent Bootcamp. One of the things that has really helped get us pumped and ready was our #DisneySide party! I was selected as a hostess to share my #DisneySide with family and friends. What this means is that Disney Parks and their friends at Mom Select provided me with some great items to … [Read more...]

Want to be a Mocha Mom?


If you keep up with me, you know that I love being a Mocha Mom.  (Here's the link where I share all about it...) Mocha Moms is a support group for mothers of color with chapters all over the national. We provide activities for mothers as well as children and families. Our mission is to support and meet the needs of mothers. One of the greatest things Mocha Moms has provided me with is the confidence to know that however I choose to parent it’s okay. Seriously as a mom, you’re kind of … [Read more...]

So how was your holiday????


This is such a loaded question for me. The standard answer is “Oh, it was nice. I spent time with my family and we just rested up.” It just speaks to the love and peace and joy of the season. And those years when you weren't responsible for creating the joy of the season for your family...See below. The real answer is it was nice and I did spend time with my family. I had to because we were exhausted from the first half of December. Just as a recap, The baby and I traveled to the White House in … [Read more...]