Field To Table Farm Exploration – #MeetVeggies


For a city girl like me, standing in fields of fresh tomatoes and being able to pick vegetables off the vine for a truly field to table lesson was a bucket list experience I didn’t know I wanted to have. It was the perfect ending to a full year of learning when I was invited to visit to the Vegetable Field Day in December. I started this process during BlogHer14 when I attended a luncheon with Monsanto and left with more than a few questions. I was happy to share this day with a group of … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Takeaways From #BlogHer14

5 TakeAways From Blogher14 (3)

I came back from BlogHer tired and refreshed at the same time. At the end of Saturday night when we walked at home, my new blogging BFF asked me what the best takeaway was and I told her meeting you. And she totally called me out for being so sappy. It sounds just as silly now when I typed it out but here are my serious five best takeaways. A cross-country flight with two young children was worth 90 minutes of seeing my girls.  I wrote this post earlier and I got to see most of my girls. Plus … [Read more...]

Monsanto is Evil – Respect My Right to Make Up MY OWN Mind

Monsanto FB picture

One of the best things about this blogworld is that I hear people’s stories and I learn more about people while I get to hear my stories. Sometimes, they’re simple issues and stories like a snow day. Other times, they’re larger and more complex. Sunday morning after BlogHer14 officially finished, I was pulled into one of those larger and more complex stories by attending a brunch with a group of women, including two farmers, sponsored by Monsanto. I know, they’re the big bad company that has … [Read more...]