Seven Tech Holiday Gifts That Must Be on Your List

Seven tech holiday gifts perfect for tweens, teens, and the tech savvy guide in your life. They include memory keepers, stocking stuffers and even items for the smart home.

I recently attended a Tech and Travel event here in Atlanta sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association, Traveling Mom and  I left there feeling like a kid in Toys R Us. I went in searching for tech holiday gifts; my husband is a huge tech guy and I always need something new and cutting edge for him. I can’t tell you how many of the items I saw and decided I could use immediately. During the presentation, I realized that my search for tech  holiday gifts to wow my … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dad Who Loves Tech (And 40+ Other Great Gifts!)

Father's Day Gift Guide Gifts for Dads Who Love Tech - Headband For Today

My husband is kind of the ultimate tech geek and this List for the Dad Who Loves Tech is dedicated to him.  He works in IT but also has a natural inquisitiveness for all things tech and how they work. This actually comes out all over our house with mixed results. My boys have way too many gadgets. Keeping this in mind, I created this list of the ultimate tech gadgets for Father’s Day. He actually gave me some direction over the last few months with the things we’ve been discussing. Without … [Read more...]