Four Things Type-A Conference Is…

4 things

Type-A Conference is coming back to Atlanta and I’m so excited. It was my first conference and I loved it so much that I did the Bootcamp and I’m back for a second conference this year! Here are four things that I’ve found Type-A is…. Type-A is easy for parents to attend. They have Kid-Con. Kid-con is just that a real conference for kids as young as 5. (There is also childcare for children from 6 weeks to age 4 for the same rate.)  You can see here what I learned from the last Kid-Con but … [Read more...]

To My Girls: I Can’t Wait to See You at BlogHer’14

BlogHer14 See you there

  I am so excited to be going to #BlogHer14 because I get to see some of the coolest girls I know. I am not super great about keeping up with them offline (and they might not feel the same love for me) but I still consider them my girls and love the hugs & quick conversations we share in passing at conferences or the presentations that they give and make the whole room think about.  Blog conferences make me a better person because I connect with these women and they make me think, … [Read more...]

3 Reasons for Going to Blogging Conferences & The ONE You Must Go To!!

These are the ones I plan on attending so far.

I’m right at the edge of a busy season for my family. This year, I'm planning on going to seven conferences. All but one of them are blogging conferences. A few I will be returning to and a few are new to me. Most people don’t really understand blogger conferences. Bloggers get conferences but don’t always understand why six conferences? My primary reasons for going to conferences are that I always learn something new, meet great people and get inspired. I think each conference has their own … [Read more...]

The Light Bulb Moment: Why I Take My Children to Blogging Conferences

The Lightbulb Moment- Why I Take My

    Most of the time when I travel to conferences I bring along my children. My husband tends to work late so it’s a struggle for him to make it to two places before they close at 6:30. Luckily, the conferences I attend as a blogger also recognize that most women bloggers also happen to be moms and provide childcare for us as well. It’s a win/win and they come along. It’s awesome for me because I know that they’re in a safe place and can check in on them whenever I like. They … [Read more...]

Creative Coaching with Ananda Leeke & Mind Right Mondays


Inspired by OkDani and a creativity coaching session with the wonderful Ananda Leeke at Blogalicious5, this is my inaugural (but long overdue) Mind Right Monday.   Working with Ananda was another wonderful and powerful opportunity provided by Blogalicious5. During our session, we were able to work on creativity coaching related to my blog. Ananda was incredibly supportive and empowering because she understood where I was/am with my blog and where I’m going along with all the other headbands I’m … [Read more...]

The WhirlWind is Over – A Giveway of Disney Glow With the Show Ears


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. I attended the Type A Conference and then Blogalicious5. I’ve already shared how amazing both of those conferences were. I learned so much and can’t wait for next year to visit them again. They have really helped me feel like I’m a real blogger. In addition to those conferences, last week the kindergartner had a week off for Fall Break (a new concept for me but okay). We spent a few days as day tourist and visited some of our favorite places … [Read more...]

Date An Idea but Don’t Marry it…

Date An Idea But Don't Marry It

Last week at Type-A, Gary Buchanan the Social Media Managing Editor for Disney Parks came and brought us a little of the Disney Magic in the form of a presentation of how Disney uses their creativity in social media. He gave some fantastic points of where Disney uses their experiences on and off-line for the best show ever (and if you've ever been to Disney, you know that's the case.) Date an idea but don't marry it. This is one of the parts of his presentation that stood out to me most and … [Read more...]