Don’t Let the Bed Bug Bite: SLEEP Well and #LearnWithOrkin

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When you travel does the thought of bed bugs or other hitchhiking pests scare you? Are you concerned that you might pick them up as you stay in hotels? For our family, this is a real concern because in any given month at least one of the adults and more than likely the whole family is staying in a hotel.  I was invited to an event at Orkin’s headquarters (which are located right here in Atlanta) to learn more about bugs and how to keep these critters out of our homes. I went expecting to ask … [Read more...]

Lessons in Life: The Matheny Manifesto


I’m not a huge baseball fan but I am a fan of my two boys. I know that over the next upteen years I’ll be a sports mom for several seasons. When I was offered the chance to read, The Matheny Manifesto, I was really interested because I’m always forward to learning more and I figured that it would share more about sports. I realized that like the full title says this book is really about more than sports. That’s exactly why I enjoyed it so much. It really aligns with my perspective on children's … [Read more...]

Suggestions for Facebook Group Etiquette


  I do not claim to be Emily Post but there's really no Terms of Service agreement that includes Facebook etiquette suggestions. It seems to be the worst with groups. If you’re a Facebook user, odds are pretty good that you’re in at least one Facebook group. They’re great for resources, information and even making friends. But there always have to be a few people who have too much of a great thing and seem to forget it is not their own personal space. Just in case you forget, here is a … [Read more...]

#SpongeBobMovie Atlanta Screening


  Ever since our trip to the Nick Hotel, my boys feel as if the Nickelodeon family of characters are part of their family! It was one of our first trips of the year and among the most memorable. Of course, after seeing the commercials for the new SpongeBob Movie, my 6 year old ran in and asked me "Will you take me to the the Spongebob Movie on February 6? It's in 3-D." (That's a direct quote from this morning.) He isn't the only one in our family looking forward to it. I'm … [Read more...]

Celebrating Kwanzaa

Celebrating  Kwanzaa (2)

I’m laying out my holiday plans and this year, I’m adding into Kwanzaa to the celebrations. This will not be my first time celebrating Kwanzaa; it’s a family tradition from way before I was even born literally. However, I realize that most people don’t know the basics so here’s my primer for Kwanzaa 101. I need to add just like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter or lots of other holidays there are different understanding and family traditions of how people celebrate. These are all based upon … [Read more...]

The London Sessions: MJB Review #TheLondonSessions with #bLinkbiz

I'm going to start at the beginning, I really like the London Sessions from Mary J Blige. Now here's the why: I am a huge Mary J Blige fan and have been since "What's the 411" in 1992. That sounds like such a long time ago but she's one of the few artist who I have consistently followed along for the last 20 years. She's also one of the few who has remained that long and I feel proud of her. Her new album, The London Sessions, is totally grown up but still incredibly fresh. She has remained … [Read more...]

Show Me Your Smile – Amazon Giftcard Giveaway

I like your smile $50 Amazon Gift Card

Lately, my life has been a total whirlwind. I've been packing for travel, planning for Christmas parties, working on a fairly large project and just had tons going on, so I'm missing my regular Target runs. I have instead discovered the joy that is Amazon with Free Prime Shipping. It totally makes me smile to get Amazon packages. It's almost getting kind of addictive for me. I have a friend who loves Amazon and when I asked why, she said it saves her money from Target runs because she only … [Read more...]