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The Lego Movie will arrive in theaters this Friday, February 7 but my family attended a sneak peak of the movie as annual Passholders for the Lego Discovery Center here in Atlanta. The kindergartner is a huge Lego lover and we were incredibly excited to attend. Here’s our review:


In the kindergartner’s words, “The Lego Movie is awesome because they start building things and every body can be different.”


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The premise of the movie is that President Business aka Lord Business (voiced by Will Ferrell) controls the Lego world and makes sure that everyone follows the instructions with the threat of being melted if you don’t. Don’t worry, it’s a very gentle threat and you might even miss it if you’re not listening carefully. (If you have a Lego builder in your family, you’re familiar with the instruction books.) A construction worker named Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt) inadvertently finds the Piece of Resistance, gets attached to it and becomes the “Special”. The Piece is critical to stopping Lord Business from taking over everything and there was a prophecy eight years before of who/what the “Special” would be. After he finds the Piece of Resistance, he meets the whole cast of master builders including WildStyle, Vitruvius, Batman, Astronaut, Shaquille O’Neil and tons other Lego people you’ll be sure to recognize. I’ll stop here. Just know that Emmet is not exactly what you’d imagine the special to be and things aren’t exactly what they’d seem.

That is part of why this was such a great movie. The story was unexpected and entertaining. Unlike some of the other children movies, we’ve seen it wasn’t filled with adult puns that would go over the heads of children to get adults invested. It was a quality story that the whole family wanted to see through.

Another reason that it was a great movie is that Lego has done an EXCELLENT job of bringing their toys to life. I was amazed by how wonderful the CGI effects were in the movie. We saw a 3-D version and this is one of the few movies I’ve seen that uses 3-D well to compliment the cinematography. Watching it I felt like a child because I could suspend reality and see the Lego characters as just people in the movie as opposed to block figures.

Wait until you see how Lord Business gets his height!

Wait until you see how Lord Business gets his height!

I hope you’ll be able to see it for yourself. One last thing, in honor of the movie I have three 13” by 19” movie posters to giveaway. Enter today so I can send out to your little builder!

Lego Movie Poster

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    Being a huge LEGO fan myself (yes, even at 28), I thought this movie was put together so amazingly! And you’re right, it was a quality movie! I can’t wait to see it again 🙂

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    I have heard great things about the LEGO movie and so want to go see it! Even though our little guy is 7 months old, every time we are at the store, my husband makes a comment about how he can’t wait till he get buy him some legos. I’m not sure who’s going to end up playing with them more! =) -SITS love

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