How to Create a Valentine Day’s Heart Attack of Love and Kindness

Valetine's Day Heart Attack Blog Posting

Welcome to February!

Love is most certainly in the air with all the thoughts about Valentine’s Day in just two weeks. Earlier this month, I saw a post about the Valentine’s Day Heart Attack for your children in February. The idea is that you post a lovely note to your children every day with something they do well or you want to celebrate.

Here’s a link to my Pinterest board with more examples but here is what it looks like in action.

Valetine's Day Heart Attack Examples

For someone like me who has a love language of Words of Affirmation, I LOVE THIS because it’s expressing exactly how I feel about you. I decided to implement it for my boys this month.

Just because I have issues with the best laid plans, I’m planning this out for them and came up with a list of things that I want to say in advance with 10 Ways to Say I Love You. This way I have a list of things to think about and say on those mornings when we’re running behind but I don’t have to think too hard. I love you at the top is a given but sometimes we actually forget to say it.

  1. I love you.
  2. A piece of heart is always missing when you not with me.
  3. You’re important to our family.
  4. I can’t remember ever not loving you.
  5. Te Amo.
  6. When I think of you, my heart smiles.
  7. Being with you is the best thing ever.
  8. XO.
  9. I love you more than…(fill in your child’s favorite toy).
  10. Beyond the moon. (We have our own special language of love and I’d encourage you to create your own.)

With this, I’ve covered 10 days easy as pie and I’m ready for our Valentine’s Day Heart Attack. The rest of the month, I’m planning to fill in with specific things that I love about them or I loved that I’ve done recently. These will be anything from “Great job getting dressed this morning!” to “I appreciate you picking up your room.” I want to make sure that all the praise I provide is honest and timely.

10 Ways to Say I Love You

Here is the printable in case you want to download it for yourself as well. I hope that this will become an annual expression of love and I even get my husband in on a few days this year.

How are you planning to celebrate your love this month? Are you doing one grand gesture or a series of small events like this? 


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