Welcome to Juneabration!


Welcome to Juneabration!!!

Wait, you’ve never heard of Juneabration. I’m kind of glad because it’s something I made up. Junaabration is my celebration of everything that will be coming in June. We started off last night with an early celebration of my husband’s birthday.

In the coming days, we will celebrate his birthday, the kindergartner’s birthday, my birthday, Father’s Day, the baby’s birthday and the blog’s anniversary!

If that’s not enough for my immediate family, we celebrate my youngest sister’s birthday, the anniversary of dear friends and the birthday of another friend.

As you can tell, we have a lot of things to celebrate and I hope you’ll be along for the Juneabration.

More details will be coming on the blog of all the wonderful celebrations! There are even some giveaways in the works, so I can’t wait to share everything with you soon.



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