Who are Mocha Moms? – My Answer

When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I heard about Mocha Moms and even considered going to an event but since I had planned on going back to work, I let it go. However, I became a stay-at-home mom when he was 6 months and knew I needed someone so I found the Mochas. Now as a mommy to two, I am a proud dual-member of the Metro Atlanta and North Cobb chapters.

ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I EVER DID AS A MOMMY! If you’re reading this and considering going to an event but a little nervous because you don’t know anyone, GO NOW! you’ll make a new friend – promise  ;).

Mochas are those girls. I will not say we’re always sunshine and roses but if you have a sister, you know how that can be. A sister always has your back and the Mochas in my life had too. From even just a practical standpoint, the info I get from Mochas has saved me money – at least $250 a year (my husband calculated one year and that was when I wasn’t really involved).

So as the Mochas celebrate in DC at our national convention know there’s a Mocha in GA on the couch with a cold and two little boys on her, wishing I was hanging with my “sisters in mommy hood” .

To celebrate the Mochas, here is a compilation of how to answer the question of “What is a Mocha Mom?” from the Atlanta Mocha Moms Spring 2013 tea.

What is a Mocha Mom?
Officially, Mocha Moms is a support group for mothers of color who have chosen not to work full-time outside of the home in order to devote more time to their families and communities but I don’t think that’s the full answer.

A Mocha Mom is someone who puts her family first, who gives of her time and talent, and who chooses to be a role model for others. I celebrate the idea that women can be friends, that there doesn’t have to be drama, and that we are all moms doing the best that we can everyday.

Mocha Moms are all different types of moms. I celebrate Mocha Moms who come from all socioeconomic backgrounds with common interests and the investment in our families.

Mochas are women who celebrate life and color the world with our passion for life in navy, black, pink, red, even a spicy burnt sienna or animal print dress.

If we could make a holiday, the name would vary it might be: Love, Pay it Forward Day, Relax It Aint That Deep Day!!,Fun day, Just be nice day but what ever we call it, it’s a day that we celebrate the best in life and how we express it.

Most importantly, when it comes to celebrating ourselves as who we are and what we excel in, we love our height, aging well and keeping fit, being open and transparent, being a wife, making our house a HOME for our family.

Mochas are special women, they are the women who publicly celebrate our pregnancies and joyfully announce the births of babies, but also privately console us for the losses and the struggles that we don’t share so publically.

Mochas are the women who will tell you it’s okay when your child doesn’t sleep through the night at 5 and offer you 10 suggestions for how to do it (even though you’d tried 25).

They are the women who come to visit you in tiny 2 bedroom apartments when you’re new in town with a new baby and who pack you to move into new houses a few years later.They will even help you clean out a house from a crazy renter…

Mochas are the women who champion for you when you need a voice but don’t know how to express it. They’re the ones who say “I’m coming unless you say no” and until you’re there, you have no idea how much that means to you.

Mochas are the women who come to child’s 1st birthday and their 5th and you hope will celebrate with you at their med school graduation, or first time at the Super Bowl (not sure ifit’s owner or player but we’ll remember when they said it and cheer for you).

Mochas are the women you watch at the picnic cleaning their babies noses and learn, “Okay, that’s how you do it.”

Mochas are the ones who give you recommendations for hairdressers, schools, doctors, handymen, birth control, cable tv service numbers, you ask it, a Mocha will help you find it!

Mochas are the women who say prayers and think of you in the middle of the night when a loved one is ill and they are the women who will stand with you to celebrate a recovery or mourn a loss, wishing they could do anything to make it better.

Mochas help you remember to celebrate your marriage and remember to be a wife, not just a mommy. They help you keep in touch with the dreams you had and inspire to create new ones.

Mochas are mothers, wives, partners, sisters (and sisters from another mother), aunts, daughters, stay at home moms, business owners, road warriors, AKAs, Deltas, Zetas,SGRho, Sunday School teachers, not really religious, first generation college grads or generations of school legacies,  skinny minnies, curvy and curvaceous, young mothers, older mothers, the list could go one….

Mochas are a whole lot of things and a lot of times doing them all at the same time..

BUT one of the most important things, a Mocha is. Mocha is you.


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